how to uninstall amazon music from mac

How to Uninstall Amazon Music from mac? Solved

Want to remove Amazon Music on your Mac but don’t know how? Or cannot entirely erase its files from the computer? Sometimes it is a problem for the people to erase the software on the macOS, and the following removing steps will be beneficial for those who want to complete remove Amazon Music on their Macs.

Situations that you may want to remove Amazon Music

Amazon Music is a built-in application for Mac that can normally be installed easily and seamlessly, however you may want to uninstall Amazon Music for a variety of reasons, including:

  • It is ineffective on your Mac.
  • After installation, the application does not function properly.
  • Amazon Music degrades the performance of your PC.
  • The app consumes an excessive amount of hard disk space on your machine.
  • The PC should be reinstalled with Amazon Music.

Most common problems for the app removal

If you are new to the Mac computer, you may be unsure of how to begin and complete the removal on the PC, because OS X does not provide any form of uninstalling feature or program, like Windows does. On the other hand, it is tough to delete even after computer users have used the Mac for a set period of time, and there are some other issues that make the app difficult to uninstall. Here are the most typical problems that customers have faced when attempting to uninstall Amazon Music:

  • The Launchpad or Applications folder does not have the application’s shortcut or icon.
  • You can’t completely uninstall Amazon Music from your computer.
  • You are always refused to remove the app since it is still open on the PC, yet you simply had exited the program previously
  • Unknown problem arises when try to drag the app to the Trash, Amazon Music bounce back to the original position.

When you meet these uninstalling troubles on Mac, do you feel upset and unsure how to complete the uninstallation? Don’t worry, there are numerous methods that can assist you in removing the application; simply select the best method to conduct the removal on your PC.

Easy-to-follow guides to uninstall Amazon Music for Mac

1. Remove the app if you got from the Mac App Store

If you installed this Amazon Music application through the Mac App Store, there is a special method for deleting it from the computer; however, this method is not available for removing apps that are part of OS X itself, such as Safari.

Specific ways to uninstall the app (obtained via the App Store):

  • If the app is still operating on your computer, right-click on its Dock icon and select Quit.
  • Locate the Amazon Music icon by clicking on the Launchpad symbol in the Dock.
  • Hold the symbol down until all of the icons begin to jiggle.
  • When you click the delete button in the upper left corner, the program’s package will be deleted from the Launchpad.

2. Uninstall Amazon Music via its uninstaller

Some applications may have an uninstaller in their installation packages; you can try to open the package to see whether the applications include an uninstaller. If you notice a removal tool within, you can use it to uninstall the program from your Mac computer.

Simply double-click the uninstaller to launch a new removing wizard, and then follow the on-screen directions to complete the removal procedure.

3. Remove the program from the Finder

Installed applications are often stored in the Finder’s Applications folder, so you can easily locate and delete the Amazon Music app from there.

  • On the Dock, select Finder and then Applications from the left pane.
  • Locate the Amazon Music icon in the folder and drag it to the Trash.
  • If you are asked to confirm that you wish to remove the account, enter its password.
  • To remove it to the Trash, click OK.
  • Select “Empty Trash” from the context menu when you right-click on the Trash icon.

Resolve the leftover issue after the above removal

If you use the preceding removal techniques to uninstall Amazon Music, you should complete an additional remnants removal after uninstalling the app’s installed package.

The leftover issue is a fairly common problem when you opt to uninstall a program by moving it to the Trash, which just helps you eliminate the target application’s installed package. However, in addition to the package, there are often several preference files and support files that remain on the Mac machine and use disk space. Ignoring these relics generally results in some troublesome problems on the PC, such as being unable to re-install the app or having insufficient disk space to maintain the computer’s performance. In this scenario, you should know how to clean up the remnants from the removal described above:

  • Go to Folder… by clicking on Go…
  • Enter “~/library/” in the box and press the Return key on your keyboard.
  • There are several folders inside the library that hold the associated files of Amazon Music, so you should check them and make sure all of the linked files are clean.
  • he most common directories that include the associated files are: Application Supports folder, Caches folder, and Preference folder.

Please remember to clear the Trash bin after cleaning all of the files inside.

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4. Still does not work? Try pro uninstaller to remove Amazon Music

Previously, we introduced three manual methods to uninstall Amazon Music in the preceding post, and now it’s time to present the most effective method, which may enable individuals to eliminate the program instantly and easily on Mac.

Some customers remark that manual app removal on Mac takes a long time and is a difficult operation for inexperienced users. If you have the same feeling, requesting a professional uninstall utility to remove the program will be the ideal solution for you.

Osx Uninstaller is a professional uninstall software that has an automatic and smart removal feature that allows the user to easily erase a program; here are just a few examples on how to remove Amazon Music with this removal tool:

  • Install and run Osx Uninstaller on your Mac.
  • On the remover’s interface, select Amazon Music and then click Run Analysis.
  • When you click on Complete Removal, you will see a notice asking if you want to remove it.
  • Click Yes to begin the removal, and the uninstaller will display the complete removal notice in a very short time.

A skilled and thorough removal of an undesirable application can save a lot of time while also lowering the danger of encountering alternative removal methods during the removal procedure. As a result, it is more recommended that you use a wonderful uninstaller to remove Amazon Music and other programs, and Osx Uninstaller might be a good tool for you.

People also ask

How do I uninstall Amazon Music?

I was directed to restart my computer, navigate to the “Amazon Music” app, right-click, and select “uninstall” from the list of alternatives that appeared when I did so. I went ahead and clicked on it, and the software was effectively uninstalled.

Can I uninstall music from Mac?

Select View > Only Downloaded Music from the navigation bar. To delete a song, select it and then click the More button next to it. If you wish to delete an album, hover your cursor over it and select the More option. To remove the item from only this device, click Remove Download.

Where is downloaded Amazon Music on Mac?

Music, you have downloaded is saved by default to an Amazon Music folder on your PC. For PC desktops, this folder is typically located under My Music. For Mac computers, it is typically placed in the Music folder.

How do I remove Amazon photos from my Mac?

Boot into Safe Mode by holding down the Shift key and deleting the app from there.

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