How to use Canva tool

How to use Canva tool?


Canva Review: It is a crucial tool for design, mainly used to create great projects and help to teach students the basics of digital innovation. This free tool allows teachers and students to work with design layout and photo editing with a simple-to-use platform.

Students can use this for project submissions; this will also help you teach them to do more work innovatively. Teachers can also use this platform to make posters and guidance, and for the classroom and beyond; This tool is well joined with the school by google, a helpful addition for institutions that are using this platform; this will help you out with all you need information about this tool for education, and this involves some valuable tricks and tips.

1) What is the Canva tool?

It is a tool that is used for graphic design that clarifies the digital designing process. An account can smoothly be created, and everything will be worked on android or IOS.

It allows you to edit images and project learning with a simple drop and drag interface that works for higher students. As a group working on brainstorming collaboratively to single creation of projects, it has many uses for the classroom. Project-based images can be used on many machines with shiny interaction; starting and progressing through a topic is effortless, even for those new to the platform. Graphics, photos, and videos are also accessible, with choices from thousands to collect; all those numbers go even if it is advanced.

2) How does Canva work?

It is effortless to use a google account, email, or Facebook login; if the account is created once, you can select to use it for free as a teacher, student, or anything else. According to your needs, try to make it effortless to search; to give knowledge about how to use canva, a lesson which aims to highlight the digital skills for students; this is so simple to use that it will likely take very little time. Students who play with the possibility of creativity and learning deeper will be flourished completely.

Canva offers many templates that help students work with a design and add t changes independently. This will allow you to focus on the topic without wasting time or energy to begin with, the tool.

How to use Canva tool

Anytime anyone can upload videos and images, which is unreal when working on an android phone by using the app version. Once it is finished, anyone can download files and share them with lots of social media developed choices or transmit them to a print service to get it printed; making a poster, for example, will start by offering templates down to the left, then the main image on the right that you can reclaim, clicking into this will make a toolbar appear with options to edit- this reacts as you work things minimal and straightforward throughout.

3) What are the best features of Canva?

Canva is full of new features, but many specialize in education. Before going into that, note canva auto saves. It is a prominent feature for students, and teachers never have to worry about losing their job. The templates are considered lovely for making the poster, presentation, or image have more impact; there are potent sub-tools; the templates of graphs will be a great way to help in math and other subjects classes allowing for fixed results to be flaunted in an engaging and obvious way.

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It is used for educational purposes, a feature of canvas tools, allowing teachers to set their virtual classroom for inviting students to collaborate on a project; this could be given remotely or in a school with a video chat tool. Anyone can link zoom and easily present their screen for sharing the slides with the class. Comment additions support @ options, granting alerts to be sent to the teachers. This will help students examine their work as they feel confident they are in the right way. An excellent tool that’s incredibly thoughtful in this space of creativity in which students are given much freedom and can detect a little loss, primarily when working remotely.

This tool helpfully gives free courses of online services to learn. A specific canva classroom course is an excellent way to help teachers understand the great ways to work with the tools.

4) How much does Canva cost?

It is free to use for individuals and the classroom. At the same time, it offers many features and tools connected with a paid-for enterprise account or canva pro. Canva free gives you more than 2,50,000 templates, thousands of photos and graphics, more than 100 design types, collaboration, and 5GB of cloud storage; canva Pro costs $119.99 per annum, which provides you all free features and brand kit upload options, 75 million images, 4,20,000 templates, graphics, videos, 100GB of cloud storage, and design saving for group use, social media scheduling mainly for seven platforms. Enterprise of Canva is $30 per person for one month and offers you the pro version with more focused brand tools that are likely to be more helpful in teaching.

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5) Canva’s Best Tips and Tricks:

Plan lessons

Use this canva tool to set the lessons for yourself as a teacher, and share with the students, so they know how to plan and expect properly.

Building profiles of student

Students generate learning portfolios to know how they are progressing in a year- this can be used to be an admirable revision and evaluation tool.


Up to ten members in a project, a grouping of students work together in classes, and by using digitally, they work from their homes to generate a concluded frame of work.

Graphics of Charts

Ideal for science and math, This canva tool can display the data in graphs and charts to make a presentation experiment and engage visually.

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