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How To Fix Your Xbox One Headset Volume Issues: Step by Step Guide

How To Fix Your Xbox One Headset Volume Issues: It’s always nice to hear good news. This time it’s good news for those who own an Xbox.

The sound output of the Xbox headsets is perfect for gaming and viewing content.

If the volume isn’t set correctly in your Xbox One headset, you can increase the volume.

If your Xbox One headset’s volume is too low, first ensure that there are no cables or wires attached to the controller.

To ensure that you’re using the most up-to-date hardware, check if you’re running the latest device firmware and reset your Xbox console.

No matter how you choose to listen, the latest headsets are worth their weight in gold. If none of the options you tried worked, try another.

For the Xbox One, Microsoft hasn’t just given you a more powerful controller; they’ve also upgraded the speaker quality.

We will show you why your headset volume is low, and we will share solutions to help you resolve this problem.

Let’s begin!

Why Is Your Headset Quiet on Xbox One?

Why Is Your Headset Really Quiet on Xbox One { Lets find out }

There are three reasons why your headset isn’t loud on Xbox one.


Most headsets have a volume setting button, a wheel or knob to control the volume, and an on / off switch.

If the volume control is set too low, the headset will produce a muted sound even when the system volume is high.

Many games also have volume controls that can affect the volume level.

If you have a change in the volume of an application while playing a game or watching a video on your Xbox, check the application volume.


Keep your Xbox drivers up-to-date to avoid possible performance issues and provide the highest quality audio/video experience.

If your headset isn’t producing a typical sound when the system and headset volume settings are at the maximum level, you need to install the latest drivers for your headset.


A faulty headset may be the reason for the low sound on your headset. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that can be done to help you here. You will need a new headset to use it. If you have an active warranty, you can request a replacement by visiting a Microsoft store.

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How Do You Increase the Volume of Your Xbox One Headset?

How Do You Increase the Volume on Your Xbox One Headset { Lets find out }

Here are four tips to help you to increase your headset’s volume


If your headset doesn’t produce the high-quality sound you expect, there could be damaged or improperly fitted components.

Therefore, you should look for any signs of damage to the vehicle.

First, you should inspect the headset, the connector, and the cable for any obvious signs of damage.

Use an alcohol-soaked cotton pad to clean the connector if it is dusty.

Dirt mustn’t build up inside your headset.

Plugin the headset. Then put the headset’s cord into the slot on the back of the console and follow the instructions on-screen.

You should also ensure that the sound output isn’t wrong before contacting a repair center. To test this, connect the Xbox headset to another device and see if the sound production improves.

For a better audio experience, you should get an Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter. If you’re connecting the headset to an adapter, ensure it is appropriately done.

In the end, you’ll need to replace the headphones’ batteries. Low battery life affects the sound quality of the headphones.

If you’re having trouble playing, try swapping out the batteries on the controller, and also check that the sound quality is better than when you first connected your device to your TV.


Look at your Xbox One’s privacy settings. When playing games on the Xbox network, these settings enable you to choose who you want to hear.

The wrong setting will not let you hear anyone, but incorrect settings can block any sound.

To inspect these settings:

  • Go to Settings and select your account
  • Next, go to Privacy and Safety and select View details.
  • Then, select My Account and decide to Communicate with voice and text.

You can use this adapter to record audio from your microphone and play it back through your TV, just as though you were

So, the volume toggle will favor the game sound over chat.

If this is the case, it looks like the headset isn’t working.

Set the volume settings of the input and output devices to equalize the audio output.


You’ll need to power cycle the Xbox console to reset the network connections and configuration settings of the Xbox controllers.

This reset can positively impact the headset’s sound output.

If you want to try this solution as well:

  • Use the Xbox button on the Xbox controller to turn the controller off.
  • Then, turn off the TV by pressing the power button.
  • Unplug the power cord from the Xbox One console.
  • After a five-minute wait, reconnect the power cable.
  • After you’ve made the necessary changes in the settings, you should make sure that the volume of your headphones is set correctly.


If you have the Xbox One game console, you may want to update its headset.

Updating the controller may help fix bugs in the headset’s volume.

  • To get into the guide, click on the Xbox button.
  • In Account Settings, select Profile & system and select Settings.
  • Next, select Devices & connections, then select Accessories. Choose the controller that you’d like to update.
  • Next, select “…” to check the Xbox controller’s firmware version.
  • When the display says “Update,” follow the on-screen instructions.


The volume on your Xbox One headset can be adjusted through the settings menu.

  • Use your Xbox button to navigate to Parties & Chats.
  • Begin a party and click the Options section.
  • From the Home page, click Settings, and adjust the headset volume.
  • You can also increase the volume by sliding the bar to the right.

Alternatively, you can adjust the volume of your headset.

  • Move the volume dial to the right and rotate it clockwise to increase the volume.
  • Rotating the volume dial clockwise will increase it.
  • Rotate the dial on the left earcup to balance the audio.
  • Anticlockwise increases the game audio.
  • Rotating the dial counterclockwise decreases the chat audio.

Why Won’t My Xbox One Controller Recognize My Headset?

Make sure that your Xbox One recognizes your headset. Go to Settings>Audio>Devices>Inputs and headsets.

Use the Xbox One Skype app to test the headset.

If the problem persists, try updating the console’s firmware, rebooting it, and cleaning the controller.

People also ask

How do I fix my headset volume on Xbox One?

Open the Xbox Guide and press the Xbox button. Tap on the Music icon.

The headset has a range of volume controls, which you can adjust to suit your needs. To change the headset settings, rotate the dial outside the right earcup.

Why is the volume on my headset so low on Xbox?

The volume on your headset is likely too low because the volume control on your Xbox has been turned down. You can increase the volume by pressing the Xbox button and choosing the “Audio Settings” option.


The issue was caused by the original Xbox One headset’s volume control wasn’t working correctly. When the headset was plugged into the console, it was automatically set to mute. Once you unplugged it, it would turn back on. The solution was to use the Xbox One controller to change the headset’s volume.

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