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How To Beat Giovanni

How To Beat Giovanni: In August 2022, Giovanni, the leader of the Rocket Team in Pokémon Go, will be able to battle with Shadow Latios. You can beat him and his Shadow Pokémon right away with the right kind of payback.

Trainers who want to fight against the leaders of Team GO Rocket will be able to do so again this month in Pokémon GO. However, some enemy Team Leaders are changing their numbers to keep Trainers on their toes. The main bad guy Giovanni will bring the same legendary shadow to the game as he did in July, but the coaches will still want to practice their best counterstrikes before the game.

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Once the players have done everything they need to beat Giovanni, they should prepare for the fight before it starts, so they don’t waste any resources. The exact team members will always be chosen randomly, but the players can find out enough ahead of time to put together the most versatile team possible to compete with the current lineup.

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Persian Counters 

As usual, Giovanni and Persian are likely to start a fight. This Pokémon is a Normal-type Pokémon, and a well-known battle-type antidote makes it easy for Pokémon GO players to defeat it.

Countersphere/Aura or Enhance Fist for Lucario.

Counter/Dynamic Punch by Conkeldurr is a counter/dynamic punch.

Machamp’s moves are Counter/Cross or Dynamic Strike.

Rhyperior – Mud Strike/Stone Edge

Knockdown/Hit by Tyranitar

Counter/Dynamic Kick (Hariyama)

Nidoking Counters 

How To Beat Giovanni-Nidoking Counters -twoleftsticks(2)

Second place goes to Nidoking. This Team Rocket favorite is both poison and earth type. Players should use earth, water, psycho, or ice types to beat it.

Kyogre means water pump or waterfall.

Hoopa (unbound) – Battle/Confusion

Mamoswine means “Mud Slash/Valanche.”

Rhyperior – Battle in the Mud/Earthquake

Swampert is a water gun or water cannon.

Mewtwo – Confusion or Psystrike/Psycho Cut

Alakazam – Confusion/Psycho

Machamp Counters 

How To Beat Giovanni-Machamp Counters -twoleftsticks(1)

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Machamp would be Giovanni’s third choice for his second fighter. This Gen 1 fighter is not new to veterans, and they can beat it by using Fly, Psycho, or Fairy as a counter.

Mewtwo’s moves are Confusion or Psycho Cut/Psystrike.

Alakazam – Confusion/Psycho.

Hoopa (Unbound) – Confusion/Psychostrike.

Moltres’s move is Wing Attack/Sky Attack.

Rayquaza has the moves Air Slash and Hurricane.

Zen Headbutt/Psycho Boost or Zap Cannon for Deoxys.

Shadow Latios Counters 

How To Beat Giovanni-Shadow Latios Counters -twoleftsticks(1)

Latios is again in the last spot, and players can win a match with him if they keep him alive. Shadow Latios is back in the spotlight after being released in July. Players who fought last month should be ready to face Bug, Dark, Dragon, Fairy, Ghost, or Ice-Type opponents.

Gengar – Shadow Claw/Shadow Ball

Dialga – Dragon King/Draco Meteor

Dragon Tail/Outrage by Garchomp

Hydreigon’s moves are Dragon Blow and Brutal Swing.

Salamence – Dragon Tail/Outrage

This should be all the information coaches need this month. Remember that players may use their first try to learn more about the game. If they lose early, they may try again with more information.

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