George Santos asserted that he produced Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark

George Santos asserted that he produced Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark

In the most recent of his odd lies, George Santos, the New York Republican congressman, asserted that he was one of the producers for the contentious Broadway show Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark.

Success is considered to have many fathers, whereas failure is an orphan. George Santos, a congressman, apparently didn’t comprehend the memo. He once claimed to have been a producer on the problematic Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, which was infamous for its numerous issues and regarded as one of Broadway’s biggest flops.

According to Bloomberg, Santos disclosed his affiliation in 2021 while interacting with possible funders for his congressional campaign. The lead producer of the performance, Michael Cohl, refuted the assertion, claiming that Santos was never a member of the production and that his name never appeared in the playbills.

Congressman George Santos has lied about both his background and his schooling, but as of right now, he is officially in the dark. To be precise, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.

According to a recent story from Bloomberg, the New York congressman, who has been exposed as telling many lies over the past few weeks, claimed to be one of the doomed Spider-Man Broadway musical producers, which ran for around two and a half years from 2011 to 2014. According to Michael Cohl, one of the show’s genuine producers, who spoke to Bloomberg, Santos had nothing to do with it.

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In all honesty, this is funny and has a tonne of depth. The first is that Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark is a poorly received television series. Most viewers and critics did not enjoy it, as it was among the most expensive Broadway productions ever and encountered numerous difficulties before it even reached the stage.

Its title has not inspired pleasant feelings in people both then and now. Why would anyone desire to be connected with it, let alone someone running for office? Make a decent lie out of it if you must; imagine you were the producer of Rent, Avenue Q,  Phantom of the Opera, or another less well-known production. However, boasting that “I produced Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” is equivalent to giving Morbius the go-ahead.

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark
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The news also doesn’t correspond with reality, which is another issue. The report claims that Santos wasn’t exactly living the life of a Broadway producer at the time this would have occurred.

Around that time, he started a group to aid sick animals while working as a customer service representative for Dish Network. He spent a portion of the relevant period living in Brazil as well.

All these are admirable and righteous things, but none have anything to do with Spider-Man or Broadway aside from if Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man appeared on Dish.

The George Santos avalanche of lies may have reached its zenith after it entered the superhero community. The next thing you know, he’ll announce that he’s restarting DC or is in charge of a new Avengers film.

The information is only the most recent fabrication from Santos, who has a lengthy history of making up stories about his sexual orientation, schooling, career background,  and mother’s supposed death on 9/11.

The Broadway run of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, which ran from 2011 to 2014, experienced a protracted opening delay and multiple stunt actor injuries. In the end, the $75 million production expenditures of the show did not recover for investors.

That production, which was ill-fated, lost ten million dollars and was plagued by set malfunctions and actor injuries.

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