BLACKPINK shared "Pink Venom" behind the scene in the Born Pink Memories.

BLACKPINK shared “Pink Venom” behind the scene in the Born Pink Memories.

BLACKPINK, a South Korean girls’ group comprises of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa — is going for a stroll through a world of fond memories. The K-pop group formed by Y.G. Entertainment recently released a teaser of the upcoming new reality show, “Born Pink Memories,” on December 1, Thursday, and followed up with behind-the-scenes eight-minute footage from Lisa’s “Pink Venom” on Friday, December 2.

The video starts with the group of four making up the teaser of “Pink Venom” photographs, with scenes of every young lady presenting solo and later meeting inside the photograph’s large — and guilefully broken — glass box. in the middle of furious stances, they have precious fellowship moments moving, playing together and making senseless appearances.

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BLACKPINK will return to the shenanigans reality show with their self-created and self-produced show, Born Pink Memories (B.P.M.).

Y.G. Entertainment released a B.P.M.’s teaser on Friday, December 1, with a retro film reel stylish. The video chipped away at uplifting the interest of the group of four’s next series of promotions, mainly since they returned with the Born Pink Korean album nearly after two years.

Like the album, the upcoming show additionally denotes the first reality T.V. show of icon in two years duration. With BLACKPINK, 24/365 was the Pink Venom group’s last show, released in 2020. The primary episode of Born Pink Memories, named Roll #1, was released on Friday, December 2.

Y.G. Entertainment gave Squints unforeseen news by dropping the quarter’s reality show’s teaser. The upcoming reality show, B.P.M.’s teaser, showed a filmographic montage of the young lady band as their tune ‘Shut Down,’ the second most played K-pop song on Spotify, played as a background track.

The show means to take fans on another excursion as it will feature the natural side of the Pink Venom group while dealing with their promotions for the most recent album. The organization shared that fans can anticipate a wide assortment of episodes with the beguiling variable of seeing the Pink Venom vocalists’ diligent effort and cycle behind the album of Born Pink.

Born Pink Memories’ most memorable First episode, an eight-minute video, included the set areas for the music videos of Born Pink. Every part discussed the significance and importance behind the respective sets, giving fans knowledge of the inventive choices behind them.

The areas remembered for the debut episode are:

  • The Discussed Quarry (solo set of Jennie).
  • BLACKPINK street (Lisa and Jennie’s unit rap set).
  • River Of The Black Heart( Solo set of Rose).
  • Tomb Raider Dome (Lisa’s soloist performance set).
  • Geomungo Cage (solo set of Jisoo).

It likewise includes BLINK through the dance studio sets of the group, like the Amazon Lake, Tunnel, and Sundial Temple.

The Pink Venom artists are presently on their World Tour for Born Pink, which will go on until mid-one year from now. While visiting the world, the group of four has taken extraordinary steps in different accomplishments.

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Born PINK positioned 25th on The 100 Best Albums of 2022 chart on Rolling Stone. The title track, Pink Venom, of the album, likewise came to Billboard’s Worldwide 200 Tunes list by positioning 94th and ranked 36th on the Worldwide 200 Songs chart.

BLACKPINK even spread the word about their worldwide presence on 2022 Spotify Wrapped. They positioned second on the Top K-pop Specialists of 2022. In the interim, their melodies MONEY ( soloist track of Lisa), Pink Venom, and Shut Down positioned fourth, third, and seventh, separately, on the 2022’s Top 10 K-Pop Songs.

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