Nasty C gave purposes for dissing A-Reece on 'No Big Freestyle.'

Nasty C gave purposes for dissing A-Reece on ‘No Big Freestyle.’

Nasty C, a South African rapper, chased after A-Reece’s reaction following the arrival Of ‘No Big Deal Freestyle.’ After releasing it, Nasty C still has a more significant number of inquiries than responses. In ‘No Big Deal Freestyle,’ he tended to his supposed quarrel with Sarkodie, A-Reece, and different African rappers.

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Even though Nasty has referenced what occurred between him and Sarkodie, Nasty C’s primary spotlight is on individual South African rapper A-Reece. C said in a video presented via social media platform that he accepts the more significant part of his allies made the tune look like he was helping out. Yet, the rapper said that he had had his impact in tidying up the wreck between him and Reece, and it’s passed on to his individual to have his influence or possibly show where he stands.

Nasty c shared an Instagram post, “No malice over here, I promise you. … I have some shit to go get off my chest, that’s all. That’s how & why I make albums.”

The SA rapper Nasty C went on to seek clarity from A-Reece and needed to know where the two stand regardless of whether there is a rift between the two. Nasty C said on the video that he realized they, as a whole, have these circumstances where they don’t actually know where they stand with another individual.

He added, “It’s like you. What’s going on, dawg? Are we beefing?” and asked if A-Reece was desirous of him or whether Nasty C said something wrong.

Confused, Nasty inquired,” What the f**k is happening, like what’s happening, dawg?”

Following the arrival of the Nasty C’s “No Big deal Freestyle,” A-Reece continues ahead as he doesn’t answer the individual SA rapper. Although A-Reece has stayed mum following the arrival of No Big Deal Freestyle, one can’t preclude the chance of a reaction from the hitmaker of Paradise. Regardless, it’s yet to be seen which heading Reece will take to clear up this.

Wizkid’s controversial posts Nasty c and A-Reece

In Snapchat posts that went quickly viral on various social media platforms, Wizkid began by calling Nigerian rappers broke young boys and added that he couldn’t accept they generally thought he was discussing them.

To commute home his point, the dad f four upbraided them of the rapper title and uncovered that Sarkodie, Nasty C, and Black Sherif are “the only rappers in Africa.”

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