Mac Jones is on fire against the Minnesota Vikings.

Mac Jones is on fire against the Minnesota Vikings.

The Patriots quarterback Micheal McCorkle Jones( Mac Jones) came out firing down against the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday night’s matchup. Jones is on fire and leads the New England Patriots with 30 catches out of 37, 299 rushing yards, and three touchdowns, including one interception during the fourth quarter against the Vikings.

After the New England squad fell behind 7-0 on the Minnesota Vikings’ initial drive, Jones let it tear, rapidly assembling a five-play, 75-yard scoring drive that finished in a 34-yard strike over Nelson Agholor, the middle receiver.

The New England Patriots began as one of three teams who did not score an opening drive this season (the Panthers and Jets are the other two such teams). It was likewise their this NFL season’s first touchdown in the first quarter.

Mac Jones’ pass voyaged 27 air yards, his most profound of the time and second most resounding of his NFL career( two years).

Mac Jones, the celebrity player of the Minnesota Vikings, currently has four 30, or more-yard touchdown passes in his NFL career, and Agholor has two on the receiving end. Kendrick Bourne scored the other two.

Jones was targeting for his first pass on the scoring march and opened with a tight window to receiver Jakobi Meyers with a 26-yard rainbow on first down. Jones had first bumbled the snap before getting it and made an accurate throw.

The play might have been expensive, but Meyers passed on the match because of injury and made a beeline for the locker room for additional assessment.

The Match Highlights

T. J. Hockenson jumped and brought the Minnesota Vikings back five yards.

In the second half and 15 seconds, Kirk Cousins moved forward the pocket and searched for Theilen, yet the pass was well behind him. On a defenseless receiver, a flag flew on Bryant for a hit, giving the Vikings a first down.

First Goal came from the 10.

Dalvin Cook dropped at the line for no addition of run to the right side.

Second and ten from the NE 16.

On second and eighth from the NE 8-yard line, Kirk Cousins is dropped by Uche in the backfield for a deficiency of 9 yards.

From the NE 18, the third, and 17.

The New England squad got the ball structure from the 25-yard line with all square at 26 with 14 left.

On first and 10, Mac Jones hits Rhamondre Stevenson for a yard gain.

Jones carried out after the Minnesota Vikings brought a rush and looked for Meyers down the right sideline; however, it batted away, and the Taps went three and out.

Dropkick was coming up for the Taps.

On the first down, with 12 minutes left to proceed, The Vikings took over from their 29 to run it with Cook on first down; he got four yards on the run up the center.

Second and six from the 33 minutes.

The referee missed an undeniable face mask on Mac Jones on that third downplay.

It would’ve been a first down, yet the Patriots were compelled to punt.

With the entire day to throw, Kirk Cousins allowed him to track Adam Theilen toward the side of the endzone for the 15-yard touchdown pass.

In the fourth quarter, with 14.07 min to go, Greg Joseph’s 36-yard field goal tied the match 26-26.

After that, Minnesota Vikings led against the Patriots,33-26, with 9:34 left in the match.

A serious fault of the New England Patriots as Strong came into the kicker, which would give the Minnesota Vikings a first down.

Finally, the Minnesota Vikings (9-2) shockingly beat the New England Patriots (6-5), 33-26.

Team Stats

Minnesota Vikings

Total Yards: 358

Passing Yards: 301

Rushing Yards: 57

Yards per play: 5.4

First Downs: 23

Third Down Deficiency: 8/15

Fourth Down Deficiency: 0/0

Total plays: 66

Sacks Allowed: 1

Punts: 3

Penalties( Yards): 3(20)

Fumbles lost: 0

Interceptions Thrown: 1

Time of possession: 36:17

New England Patriots

Total Yards: 409

Passing Yards: 364

Rushing Yards: 45

Yards per play: 7.4

First Downs: 17

Third Down Deficiency: 3/10

Fourth Down Deficiency: 0/1

Total plays: 55

Sacks Allowed: 3

Punts: 3

Penalties( Yards): 6(55)

Fumbles lost: 0

Interceptions Thrown: 0

Time of possession: 23:43

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