Who Is G- Eazy Dating? Is He Really Dating Josie Canseco!

G- Eazy Dating: G- Eazy is his professional name; he was born on May 24, 1989, in Oakland, California, the United States. He is a Producer/American writer.

He started his career in rapping; G- Eazy belongs to a Christian family, and he did his education from Loyola University.

Edward Gillum is his father, he is a professor of arts, and Suzzane Olmsted is his mother. She is an artist and teacher, When he was 14, he started to work at restaurants to support his family.

He has one brother, his name is James Wolcott Gillum. He has his real name, “Gerald Earl Gillum.” On his Instagram, he has 9.6 million followers; on Facebook, he has 3.4 million followers; on his Twitter account, he has 3.3 million followers. He is considered one of the world’s best hip-hop artists. 

In 2018, he did a concert for Bay Area Fire Relief for $15 million, and He moved out from a racist sweatshirt advertisement for H&M endorsement deals G- Eazy, performed for the anti-gun violence Fundraisers, and spoke out about gun violence and control.


He joined a local hip-hop group named The bay boyz and started as a record producer. G- Eazy released his first album named these things to happen, and it was a great hit on no. Three billboard 200, he released his second album, named when it was dark out, on December 4, 2015, and was a top hit on no. 5 on Billboard 200. His first single debut album, Me, Myself and I, peaked at no. Seven on the Billboard Hot 100. 



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Is G- Eazy Dating Anyone?

He was dating Ashley Benson in 2020, and they kept their relationship under wraps. Before Ashley Benson, he dated Britney Spears in the year 2016; in the year 2017, he dated Lana Del Rey. In the year 2018, G- Eazy dated Halsey and Christianna Roseann Ray; in the year 2019, he dated Yasmin Wijnaldum, and in the month of February 2020, he dated Livia Philmann.

The Net Worth Of G- Eazy

His net worth is around $ 12 million, and most of his income comes from his rapping career and endorsements. G- Eazy’s monthly income is around $ 1,22,500. He has hillside real estate, including a four-bedroom, 3600 square feet mansion; he bought this real estate for $ 1.75 million in 2017.


Summary G- Eazy Dating

G- Eazy has been interested in rapping since his childhood; he is a well-known American rapper, songwriter, and singer, G- Eazy released his first album named “these things happen.” In 2014, This song was a big hit and got number three position on Billboard 200; in 2015, his studio album named when “it dark out” was released. He collaborated with many famous artists, including Baldwin, Lil Wayne, Shootergang Kony, Anthony Hamilton, Kossiko, and many more artists.

FAQ’S About G- Eazy Dating

Q: How old is G- Eazy?

A:  He was born in 1989, and his age is 33 years old.

Q: G- Eazy’s zodiac sign is Gemini or not?

A: The zodiac sign of G- Eazy is Gemini.

Q: Is G- Eazy rich or not?

A: He is considered rich; his net worth is $ 600 million. 

Q: What is his father’s name?

A; His father’s name is Edward Gillium.

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