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Raymond Santana Net Worth: Is his Net Worth Actually That High?

American businessman, fashion designer, and activist Raymond Santana has an estimated net worth of $5 million. He’s the most contentious person in Atlanta. Park Madison NYC is the brand name of a range of apparel designed by Raymond. He is well-known since he was a part of the Central Park Five. It took him five years to serve his time in jail for alleged rape and assault that he didn’t commit. In 2019, Netflix will air the miniseries ‘When They See Us,’ based on this true story.

What is Raymond Santana’s Net Worth?

Net Worth: $5 Million
Profession: Entrepreneur, Businessman
Age: 47 Years Old
Country: United States
Born: September 7, 1974
Salary: $500 Thousand

Early Childhood and Schooling

On September 7, 1974, Raymond Santana was born in Atlanta, Georgia, the United States. He is the son of Raymond Santana, Jr. Before their release, and the Central Park Five had served almost all of their jail terms. Santana could finish his schooling and earn his degree while confined to a cell. With the help of Yusef and Kevin, Santana received his graduation from Bronx Preparatory High School in 2017. On his body, he is covered with ink.

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The career of Raymond Santana:

Raymond Santana is one of five teenagers accused of rape and assault in the well-known “Central Park joggers” case. He was fourteen years old at the time of the occurrence. He and four of his friends, all of whom were suspected of involvement in the crime, were questioned. After five years in jail, Raymond was free; he and five other companions launched a case against the public after his release from probation, citing malicious prosecution, mental anguish, and racial discrimination.

In contrast, even after being freed from jail, Raymond Santana found it difficult to reintegrate into civilian life. And the press channels were continually on the hunt for something wrong about him as if he was to blame or complicit. Despite his best efforts, he stated that he no longer had the same level of enjoyment in life as he had before the occurrence.

Raymond Santana is also a businessman and the creator of Park Madison NYC, a clothing company. He’s presently trying to go back to normal with his family and friends as much as possible. When They See Us and The Central Park Five are just a few of Bloodsworth: An Innocent Man’s many production credits. The 2019 Emmy nominations for Outstanding Casting in a Limited Series went to When They See Us.

The show focuses on the unjust convictions of Santana and his four companions for raping a woman in Central Park in New York City in 1989. Both Marquis Rodriguez and Freddy Miyares represented him as a teenager and an adult. Asante Black plays teen Kevin Richardson, and Justin Cunningham plays adult Kevin Richardson.

Life at Home

Raymond Santana

Raymond Santana had his back during his time in jail and the support of his family and the love of his life. After a few years out of prison, he married his longtime lover Nekesta Samone Shelton. However, they are no longer linked by blood or distance. However, up until today, the reason for their breakup has remained a secret. The couple has a daughter named Melia Symone.

A Flavor of Love graduate, Deelishis, married Raymond Santana for the second time in 2020, following a six-month courtship.

Due to a previous marriage, Deelishis is the mother of two girls. As far as I know, the family is doing well and looks happy together.

The problem of Law: Raymond SantThe case of the jogger attack and rape in 1989 was widely discussed on social-mediated. Yusef Salaam, Korey Wise, Antron McCray, and Kevin Richardson, along with Raymond Santana, were all unintentional victims in this case. While out for a nighttime jog in New York City’s Central Park, Trisha Meili was raped and attacked. A severe head injury and blood loss followed. She was pronounced dead at the hospital.

After a thorough investigation, the five detained teens also admitted to being the real victims of the assaults on them. Matias Reyes, the man responsible for the rape and attack, had to deal with the culprits for more than a decade.


Raymond Santana’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million in 2022. Known as one of the infamous “Central Park Five,” he is an American businessman. His yearly salary is $500,000.

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