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Who is Alex Cooper dating: Who Alex Cooper Has Dated

Who is Alex cooper dating? Alexander Cooper, better known by his online alias Alex Cooper, is a YouTuber, podcaster, and blogger from the United States. She is well-known for being the co-host of the podcast “Call Her Daddy,” which she does alongside Sofia Franklyn. In 2016, Cooper made her debut with Dirty Water Media as a studio anchor. She has been with the company ever since.

In 2017, she became famous after being photographed kissing the baseball player Noah Syndergaard while attending a Knicks game. As an internet superstar, she is also gaining popularity and recognition. She has over 1.1 million followers on Instagram (her handle is @alexandracooper) and over 323.3 thousand followers on Twitter (her handle is also @alexandracooper). The ongoing dispute between Cooper and Franklyn around the Call Her Daddy podcast has again become public.

On August 21, 1994, Alexandra Cooper made her debut into the world in Newtown, Pennsylvania. Alexander Cooper was her maiden name, born in the United States. Cooper’s birthplace is the United States. He was born under the sign of the Lion, which indicates that Cooper is of the white racial group. Bryan and Laurie Cooper are the parents of three children, including Alex Cooper, who was named after him. Cooper’s father, Bryan Cooper, played ice hockey at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Cooper played for the Badgers. Her sister Kathryn and her brother Grant were responsible for Alex Cooper’s upbringing.

Who is Alex cooper dating: Alex Cooper’s Boyfriend

Since 2020, Cooper has been romantically involved with film producer Matt Kaplan. The 26-year-old woman, despite discussing her love life on her podcast, disclosed the name of her lover, who goes by the moniker Mr. Sexy Zoom Man. After meeting her coworker for the first time at a pandemic-related corporate growth workshop, Cooper gave him the aforementioned moniker. They talked for a considerable time when she invited him to her Los Angeles house.

The woman born and raised in Pennsylvania discusses her boyfriend and their relationship on her podcast, implying that her current partner is more responsible than her previous boyfriend. She asserts that he respects her professional decisions and her choices of career. According to the information on several websites, Matt’s full name is Matthew Kaplan, a famous film producer. Claire Holt, a well-known actress and entertainer in the film industry was Matt’s ex-wife.

The Romantic Past of Alex Cooper

Cooper has revealed that she has dated a considerable number of players, but the players Noah Syndergaard and Logan Paul are the most well-known among her exes. This is even though Cooper has dated a large number of players. Cooper had an affair with Syndergaard, a baseball player for the New York Mets before she became famous. During that time, Cooper was still relatively unknown. The couple has been dating since April 2017, and throughout that time, they have taken part in several different gaming events together.

Syndergaard revealed the news of their breakup through his Twitter account, adding, “Baseball is my significant other.” Syndergaard broke the news of their breakup with a tweet that said, “Baseball is my significant other,” during their last public appearance, which took place in December 2020 at a New York Knicks basketball game. Since the first episode of their podcast, the hosts have been open and honest about their separation and their friendship with Syndergaard, who she refers to as “Slim Shady.”

Cooper not only had a brief fling with Syndergaard, but she also had a brief fling with Paul, a famous player on YouTube. Both of these relationships ended quickly. It is not known when precisely the couple started dating; nonetheless, the famous presenter mentioned that she was seeing Paul on April 8th, 2021.

This is even though the actual date of the couple’s first date is unknown even though nobody knows for sure when the pair went on their very first date. Alexandra came clean at the beginning of the year 2020 that she had gotten back in touch with an old boyfriend, but she did not identify which one it was. It has been speculated that Matt Kaplan and Alex Cooper share a romantic involvement with one another.

Quantifying Alex Cooper’s Wealth

Because of her efforts as a podcaster and writer, Alexandra Cooper has amassed enormous wealth for herself. She has been employed in this sector for nearly five years and has acquired a considerable fortune by using online mediums such as podcasts, blogs, and social networking sites.

When all of her sources of revenue, such as podcast wages and earnings from social networking sites, are factored into the equation, it is believed that her overall net worth is somewhere in the neighborhood of ten million dollars. Despite the multimillion-dollar legacy that she was given, she has managed to keep up her excellent way of life.


Alex Cooper started her job as a stage manager in January 2013 at Comcast in Hartford, Connecticut. The company is located in Connecticut. In December 2013, she began working as a production assistant for NBC Sports in Princeton, New Jersey, and she continued in that role until the beginning of the new year (January 2014). She started working in the office at Boston University, responsible for events and conferences in May of 2015, and she was employed there until August of the same year. In the past, she worked at Social Vantage as a customer success manager and completed an internship in sports broadcasting at WHDH Channel 7.

On September 29, 2016, Cooper launched the first video on her self-titled channel on YouTube, marking the beginning of her career on the platform. Her YouTube account has over 65,000 subscribers, and her videos have been viewed more than 2.8 million times on the platform.

In 2018, Alexander Cooper began her career as a podcaster and writer when she joined the Barstool Sports platform’s Call Her Daddy podcast as a co-host alongside Sofia Franklyn. The show is hosted on the Barstool Sports platform. Sofia and Alex are now entirely responsible for the show as a direct result of their successful negotiation of a contract with Barstool for a duration of three years. The idea of sex education came to the two individuals’ minds as they drank and conversed in a bar.

Then Alexandra and Sofia had the brilliant idea to create a podcast based on their chat, and after having the concept, they immediately started their successful “Call Her Daddy” podcast. Franklyn has left the program, citing that Cooper, her former best friend, has continually backfired on her. The reason for this is that Cooper’s actions have hurt Franklyn. As a direct consequence of Franklyn’s departure from the show, Cooper presents the podcast all by himself. The reason for Franklyn’s departure remains unclear.

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