What happened to the son of Garcelle Beauvais? Here Is the Fact

In the midst of his mother’s conflict with Lisa Rinna, Erika Jayne, and Diana Jenkins, Jax, the son of Garcelle Beauvais, is coming out after receiving “racist” remarks from “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” fans. Wednesday, after her 14-year-old son made his Instagram account private, Beauvais released his message on her Instagram Story.

From Jax… “Let me begin by declaring that I am still a child and do not seek to be considered as a fully evolved adult because I am not,” he continued. “I am presently in my first week of high school, and instead of enjoying it like most students at my school, I have to cope with social media attacks.”

The adolescent said, “I did not sign up for this program, and I have nothing to do with its drama.”

“I just want to be a normal kid,” he said, adding that his Instagram account is not for “publicity or the public’s gaze” but rather to be seen by his classmates as an average child.

What happened to the son of Garcelle Beauvais

He was compelled to make his Instagram account private as “middle-aged ladies” bombarded him with “racist and vulgar remarks” about his family.

Thank you for your many compliments. That means a great deal to me,” he said.

On Wednesday, Bravo was also obliged to issue a statement stating, “We are startled and outraged by the social media remarks aimed against Garcelle’s kid.

We encourage viewers and social media followers to avoid from attacking our actors and their families with offensive language.

Jax posted some of the comments he got on his most recent post yesterday, which varied from labelling his family “immigrants” to accusing Beauvais of “using race for everything.”

Several remarks centered on Oliver, his 31-year-old brother, who had previously suffered with addiction.

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