What Happened To Derek During Season 2 of Euphoria

What Happened To Derek During Season 2 of Euphoria? Let’s Check it out.

The second season of Euphoria explores the past of Cal Jacobs, showing that he was in love with his closest friend Derek in high school, but circumstances led to their separation. To elicit public sympathy for Cal, Euphoria offered one of its most tragic and complicated love storylines.

Cal was introduced during his adolescence as a young high school wrestler who has a tight friendship with his closest buddy Derek, but it will soon show that Cal has more than platonic affections for Derek. Initially, it seems that Derek does not share her sentiments, but a kiss at a small pub transforms their relationship forever.

It is a curious decision to give one of the rare homosexual love stories on Euphoria to a guy who becomes a serial predator in the series’ current timeline, yet people have been fascinated anyway. Following Derek and Cal’s affair at the bar, Cal receives a life-altering phone call from Marcia informing him that she is pregnant.

What Happened To Derek During Season 2 of Euphoria

Until now, Rue and Jules have been the most sorrowful pair on Euphoria. However, the separation of Derek and Cal, and what it implies for the Jacob family patriarch, significantly impact the show’s plot. Yet, Derek’s destiny remains a mystery since it is left open-ended.

What happened to Derek, then? 

Even with this week’s Cal-centric narrative, season 2 of Euphoria still needs to explain. The fact that Derek could accept his identity in a manner that Cal wasn’t hinted at Derek’s destiny since it’s plausible that Cal’s hatred stems from the fact that he could not do so himself. Nonetheless, the show has yet to hint at Derek’s return, so this might be a narrative that isn’t touched for a while, similar to how Euphoria has mostly disregarded the third Jacobs child.

The most recent episode of Euphoria provides more evidence that Cal’s ex-lover has moved on, even though Derek’s fate remains unknown. Cal returns to the pub where he and Derek experienced their first kiss, and while he believes he sees a young Derek there with him, it is only an illusion. This might suggest that Derek has moved on from this period of his life and, for whatever reason, has not seen Cal in a considerable amount of time.

What Happened To Derek During Season 2 of Euphoria

Uncertain whether Euphoria intends to explore Cal’s relationship with Derek, but potentially conceivable. Given the show’s fascination with Cal, it is doubtful that we have seen the last of Eric Dane’s character despite his collapse after the second season finale of Euphoria. Cal may try to reconcile with Derek or at least revisit that period in a half-hearted effort to relive the romanticism of his youth now that he is on his own. Given that Cal is one of Euphoria’s least-liked characters, though, if this does occur, it is surprising.

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