are jake and rae still together

Are Rae And Jake Still Together? Check out the Details!

This article will discuss questions like, “Are Rae and Jake still together?” Find out everything there is to know about Rae Williams and Jake Cunningham’s relationship. So, if this makes you curious, stay with us.

In 2022, a new reality show called The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On was added to Netflix. The same people who made Love Is Blind also made a show called The Ultimatum, which was also a social experiment. Instead of single people trying to find “the one,” couples about to get married decide if they’re with the right person.

The first season of The Ultimatum had both Rae Williams and Jake Cunningham in it. Rae gave her ex-boyfriend Zay a choice between two things, and Jake’s ex-girlfriend April gave him the same choice. Rae and Jake may have had the best relationship in the series, and they were trial husband and wife for three weeks, but are they still together now? Let’s find out more…

The path that Rae and Jake take during the Ultimatum.

When Rae and Jake appeared together on the first season of The Ultimatum, their respective romantic relationships were at a crossroads. While Rae was pondering whether or not her boyfriend Zay was true “the one,” Jake made sure that everyone was aware that April “dragged” him onto the program. Jake ensured everyone knew that April “dragged” him onto the show.

Rae and Jake chose to marry each other for a three-week trial marriage, and out of everyone in the show, it seemed like they got along the best.

are jake and rae still together

On the show, Jake met Rae’s father, and Rae met Jake’s mother; however, once they returned to their original partners, April and Jake tried to make their relationship work again. Rae and Jake’s parents met on the show.

Both Rae and Jake ended their relationships with their initial partners.

During the events of “The Ultimatum,” Rae and Zay officially end their relationship. Rae and Jake had dinner together, but at the time, Jake was still trying to make his relationship with April work. Rae and Jake went out to dinner together.

During the course of the episode, April, Jake’s ex-girlfriend, had the possibility that she was pregnant, which further complicated the situation. Jake stated that if she had been pregnant, he would have “done the father’s job” and “taken care of her and the baby.” If she had not been pregnant, Jake did not elaborate.

are jake and rae still together

The Ultimatum broadcast its final episode on April 13th, marking the end of the series. Jake informed April that he did not feel prepared to get married to her at this time, and the two of them went their ways after the conversation. After that, in episode 9, Jake and Rae finally got back in touch with one another and made plans to backpack together around the world.

Is Rae and Jake’s relationship still active?

Jake and Rae’s relationship has ended now that “The Ultimatum” has concluded. During the show’s reunion, Jake shared his thoughts: “It’s been six months since the show finished, and I’m still trying to sort this out.” I’m attempting to isolate myself from everyone so I can find out what I want…

Jake and Rae revealed at the show’s reunion that they were dating other people at the time. Since the show’s end, Rae reveals to Jake that she has been in a relationship with another woman, and Jake is still trying to figure out what he wants.

Rae Williams, from the show All About The Ultimatum

During her time at college, Rae Williams was a bartender for a local establishment. She received her education from an HBCU. Zay Wilson has been in the life of the Austin resident, who is now 24 years old, ever since two and a half years ago. When both were attending college, they were acquainted with one another.

Williams is prepared to start a family by getting engaged, married, and having children, but Wilson is still a student and does not yet have any goals or plans for the future. The sales consultant, who is 25 years old and in love with Williams, wants to marry her but doesn’t want to rush into anything just now. The marriage has struggled as a result of these issues.

are jake and rae still together

Video footage of Williams crying has already drawn her attention, and this will happen regardless of how their romantic relationship ends. There are a lot of people who say that whenever she cries, it sounds exactly like the meme of Kim Kardashian crying. She just commented on Twitter that even her friends are making fun of her because of the trailer for the program, and it seems like everyone is laughing at her.

Who Is Jake Cunningham, the Character from The Ultimatum?

Jake Cunningham is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps from Texas. It has been decided that he and his partner will appear on the dating show “The Ultimatum.” The show’s premiere is on Netflix on April 6th, 2022.

Love is Blind is a reality show hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey. Over the course of the show’s eight episodes, they will guide six different couples, advising them on whether or not they should marry their current spouse.

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