Will Smith brings up the debate around his notorious Oscars slap

 Will Smith brings up the debate around his notorious Oscars slap

Will Smith was responding to a TikTok video where the user encourages viewers to inquire about the opinions of their possessions.

Actor Will Smith appears to have gone past the Oscars scandal from last year, when he smacked comedian and host Chris Rock onstage before receiving the Oscar for Best Actor if his most recent TikTok video is any indicator.

Smith posted a video to his Instagram account that makes light of the Oscars incident from last year in which he slapped comic Chris Rock. See the video clip below.

Less than a month will pass before this year’s Oscars celebration, and in the recently-posted video, Mr. Smith is shown responding to a TikTok user’s movie in which she suggests asking things what they think of their owners. Millions of people have seen the actor’s video on TikTok, where he also posted it.

“I’m going to tell you something, f*g crazy. That is actually – it sounds nuts, but it will transform the way you live, and by changing your life, I mean it will make what you do so much more exciting and fun,” TikToker @missmoneyworking has got heard saying in the video.

“Did you know that you could take up any object, examine it, and inquire how it felt about you? So, for instance, if you pick up a pen and ask how it views you or what it thinks of you, your intuition will give you an answer, “She continues.

Users can ask their cars, and even money, “what it thinks about you,” the woman claims.

After paying close attention to TikToker’s instructions, Mr. Smith also nods. He gently picks up his Oscar with a worried expression before turning wordlessly towards the camera. That is when the video stops.

“I’m happy to see you return! Please stop offering excuses, “one user commented. “Everyone adores the Will Smith who looks like that. Keep pushing, man; I’m behind you, “another said.

The TikTok user, on the other hand, posted a lengthy note on Instagram after being delighted that Will Smith had seen her video.

Will Smith’s statement came shortly after the Oscars president described the Academy’s response to last year’s slap gate incident as “inadequate” to the star-studded crowd at the nominations luncheon.

On March 27, Chris Rock joked that he couldn’t wait to see his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, appear in G.I. Jane 2, alluding to her shaved head. Will then stormed the stage and spanked him in response to the prank. Later that evening, after winning Actor in a Leading Role for King Richard, he delivered an impassioned acceptance speech.

Actor Will Smith slapped host Chris Rock at Oscar
Source: Twitter

The actor returned to his seat and said, “Get my wife’s name out of your f*****g mouth!”

Will Smith won the Best Actor award for his work in “King Richard” less than an hour after the incident, and the audience even gave him a standing ovation.

The actor got prohibited from Academy functions, including the Oscars, for the following ten years by the Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

In a YouTube video he posted in July of last year, he addressed the topic: “I am apologetic, and I’m trying to be remorseful without being ashamed of myself. I’m trying not to think of myself as a failure since I made a mistake and am human.”

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