Are Luke T and Siannise still together

Are Luke T and Siannise still together? Check here!

According to reports, Siannise Fudge and Luke Trotman ended their nearly two-year-long relationship in November of last year, calling it quits after they had been dating for over two years. The two of them first connected while competing in the winter season of Love Island in early 2020.

They quickly fell in love with one another, winning the favor of the viewers and ultimately coming in second place. Fans began to speculate earlier this year whether Siannise, 28, and Luke, 25, had resumed their romantic relationship… But have they reconciled their differences? And what caused them to part ways? Here is what we have learned…

Why did Siannise and Luke T decide to go their separate ways?

After enjoying a video on TikTok that discussed “getting through a breakup,” Siannise was the one who initially ignited the fears about a break-up. At the time, a source stated to The Sun, “`It’s been a really terrible couple of weeks for both of them, but it’s over for the time being.”

In addition, in the month of November, Siannise published a mysterious post on her Instagram Stories in which she discussed flags’ in romantic relationships, which added even more fuel to the fire. She reposted the following love advice: “Don’t disregard the red signs.

Are Luke T and Siannise still together

Also, you shouldn’t believe you have to stay somewhere just because you can’t find something better; you can and will. The reality stars have not commented on the circumstances surrounding the end of their relationship; however, given that they continue to follow each other on social media, it would suggest that the breakup was amicable.

Is there a rekindling of Siannise and Luke T’s relationship?

Love Island viewers have been discussing whether or not Luke T and Siannise have resumed their romantic relationship in the show’s forums.

Despite this, the celebrities have not interacted with one another on any of their individual social media profiles since their breakup. They each appear to be pursuing their interests and are both succeeding tremendously in their chosen endeavors.

Is there a possibility that Luke Trotman has found a new lady?

Is he engaged? Luke T, a contestant on Love Island, does, in fact, have a new girlfriend, and there are rumors that he is even engaged to her! In May, six months after ending his relationship with Siannise, he and his new girlfriend, Chelsea Menna, made their relationship public on Instagram.

In the month of August, it was widely speculated that the ex-footballer had popped the question to his girlfriend Chelsea, who is originally from Australia and currently works in television.

Are Luke T and Siannise still together

Luke and Chelsea had been dating for about three months when the rumored proposal took place, but the couple has not yet responded to the allegations that have been made regarding their relationship.

Does it look like Siannise Fudge has found a new love interest?

While denying that she was dating model Chris Beviere, Siannise announced in March that she had ended her relationship with the man she had been dating on Love Island. In response to a question posed by a follower on her Instagram Stories, the stunning Bristol native stated, “No, I do not have a new boyfriend, and I am not dating at this time.”

The only thing I can control is how I react to what other people say or write about me, even if I have no say in what they say or write. Unless it has come from my mouth or I have publicly blogged or declared something regarding me having a new lover, then I am very much single, and I’m okay with that right now.”

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