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Top 5 Best Alien movies on Netflix all the time!

Netflix has about fifty billion titles, but there aren’t many interesting Alien movies on Netflix. The streamer’s big brains have to develop an alien script for Michael Bay. Or whatever. Still, if you are interested in UFOs, you have some choices.

Zathura: A Space Adventure is a space version of Jumanji that stars a young Josh Hutcherson. Awe. Monsters vs. Aliens is one of those hidden gem kids’ movies that families will watch for years. And Jupiter Ascending was a little ahead of its time, but do you really want to sleep through a Wachowski space opera? Anyway. Here are the alien shows and movies that Netflix has to offer.

Battle: Los Angeles

Battle: Los Angeles is not even close to being on the same level as a film like Independence Day, in which covert forces engage in combat with extraterrestrial invaders. However, we’ll never get weary of watching the military blow as much of our hard-earned tax money as they can on firing as much weaponry as possible at extraterrestrials.

Zathura: A Space Adventure

Does anyone have fond memories of Zathura? The Jumanji sequel never entirely managed to reach the buzz levels of general consensus that the original film did. Nevertheless, Zathura is still entertaining, especially considering that it is essentially Jumanji set in space. Especially considering that the movie gave us the character of Astronaut Dax Shepard.

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Don’t be too quick to dismiss this just yet; a trip back to the kid shows of yesteryear might be missing from your list of alien movies. The well-liked “child with a talent for innovation” on Nickelodeon is presented with his most formidable obstacle to date when extraterrestrials abduct the parents of the people who live in his village of Retroville.

Jimmy puts his problem-solving skills to work with the assistance of his crew of buddies in an endeavor to rescue their parents in the true spirit of the saying, “Necessity breeds invention.”

The Signal

Three students from MIT who are now on a road trip are confident that they have located the hostile hacker who came close to getting them expelled. However, as they get to the location of the unknown foe and find that they have been propelled into the air, they come to the conclusion that the power they are up against is capable of far more than just breaking into servers.

Beyond Skyline

One officer in the Los Angeles Police Department, in the middle of an extraterrestrial invasion, takes it upon himself to save as many people as he can from being kidnapped by the invaders. First, he frees his son from jail. Then he organizes a group of his fellow Angelenos into a coalition in order to dodge the onslaught and prevail against the extraterrestrial forces.

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