Don Imus cause of Death

Don Imus cause of Death: Some Quick Facts You Should Know

On December 27, John Donald Imus, best known for his radio show “Imus In the Morning,” died. What was Don Imus cause of Death? “Don Imus, a veteran radio and television presenter, died this morning. He was 79. According to a statement from his family, he had been in the hospital since Christmas Eve,” CNN correspondent Brian Stelter tweeted.

Imus was born on July 23, 1940, in Riverside, California, and served in the Marine Corps before embarking on a career as a TV host, music artist, and book. In 1989, he was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame. Imus is survived by his wife, Deirdre Imus, whom he married in 1994, and his children, Frederick, Zachary, Elizabeth, Ashley, Nadine, and Toni.

“Don loved and adored Deirdre, who unconditionally loved him back,” his family said. “He loved and supported Zachary, who first met the Imus family at age 10 when he participated in the Imus Ranch program for kids with cancer, having battled and overcome leukemia, eventually becoming a member of the Imus family and Don and Deirdre’s second son.”

Don Imus cause of Death

Imus had a contentious 50-year radio career, and his racially charged statements regarding the Rutgers Women’s Basketball team in 2007 prompted Reverend Al Sharpton to call for a boycott of “Imus In the Morning,” which led to his firing by CBS radio.

Imus’ show, however, continued to air on other stations. “I know you’re going to miss me, but you have no clue how much I’m going to miss you,” he remarked on his farewell show in March 2018. The family will announce funeral preparations in the following days, and those interested in donating should contact the Imus Ranch Foundation.

Imus’s wealth was estimated at $45 million.

His estimated net worth at the time of his death was more significant than $45 million, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth. The information was available at the time of his death. This was primarily because he had worked in radio for the previous half-century and had three novels published during that time period. In addition, he won several awards for his work.

Before starting his radio career, Imus enjoyed a great deal of success in the entertainment industry, both as an actor and as a singer-songwriter. In addition, he was the host of his radio show during this time. The year 1968 marked the beginning of his radio career, and the position he was hired for was that of a disc jockey (DJ). This year is noteworthy since it symbolizes the year he was recruited. Therefore, it signals the beginning of a new chapter. After that, he worked at the KJOY radio station in Stockton until he was dismissed for using the word “hell” when broadcasting there.

Don Imus cause of Death

The reason he was fired was that he used the word while he was working there. Because of this, he was fired from his work. As a consequence of this, the station decided to dismiss him from his job. When Imus started working at KXOA in Sacramento, he quickly got to the top of the ratings because he enjoyed telling jokes and playing pranks on his audience. Because of this, he was able to rocket to the top of the rankings almost instantly.

In 1971, he started his career in the media industry by becoming a host for the radio program “Imus in the Morning,” which was broadcast on WNBC radio in New York City. Following his employment at that radio station, the program aired on several additional radio stations throughout the United States.

Imus’s Prostate Cancer Was Found to Be in Stage 2 in 2009.

Imus, who had a history of drinking excessively and using drugs, revealed at 68 that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Imus had a history of drinking excessively and using drugs. His diagnosis was broadcast live, and he explained it by saying, “I think all the stress we’ve been under generated this.”

He said, “It’s great if you find out the day that you find out.” “On the other hand, when you wake up the following morning, you see your knees shaking. I seriously doubted that I would be able to pull it off.” However, he noted that he is “confident in the work of my physicians. It looks like I’ll be fine. If I’m not fine, I won’t be fine. Period. It is not a significant problem. The outlook is looking quite good.”

Imus passed away Friday morning at the Baylor Scott and White Medical Center in College Station, Texas. The cause of death was not disclosed at the time of his passing. A spokesman stated that he passed shortly after being admitted to the hospital on Christmas Eve.

Imus’ first wife was Harriet Showalter.

The well-known radio personality wed Harriet Showalter in 1969, and the couple stayed together as husband and wife for the next ten years before getting a divorce in 1979. 1979 was the year that Harriet Showalter passed away. Showalter already had a daughter by the name of Nadine and another daughter by the name of Toni from a prior relationship when she married her current husband. The couple went on to have two additional children, Elizabeth and Ashley.

Don Imus cause of Death

Imus married Deirdre Coleman for the second time on December 17, 1994, and the pair welcomed their first child, Frederick, in 1998. Frederick was the couple’s first child. Their second child was Zach, who was eventually given up for adoption. Imus had not yet passed away from his illness when they were still dating.

According to Imus, the Rutgers basketball team is full of “nappy-headed hoes.”

During his coverage of the NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship on April 3, 2007, Imus was involved in an embarrassing and controversial situation. The radio presenter referred to them as “nappy-headed hoes,” The host also stated, “the females from Tennessee, they all look cute, you know.” His initial defensive response to the outrage just served to fuel the fire, and in the end, he delivered an apology that went as follows:

He continued by saying, “I’d like to take a minute to apologize for an insensitive and ill-conceived statement we made the other morning about the Rutgers women’s basketball team, who lost to Tennessee in the NCAA championship game on Tuesday.”

“I’d like to take a minute to apologize for an insensitive and ill-conceived statement we made the other morning about the Rutgers women’s basketball team. “It was improper, and we can see why some individuals felt insulted. We are sorry for the reckless and ignorant way we portrayed you.”

After being fired by CBS, he filed a lawsuit against the company for wrongful termination and asked to be paid the $40 million still owed him on his contract. Imus will now be able to return to the airways with another media business due to the parties reaching an agreement.

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