Cole Sprouse claims he and his ex Lili Reinhart " hurt each other

Cole Sprouse claims he and his ex Lili Reinhart ” hurt each other

Cole Sprouse, the Disney Star, discussed the pain he felt after breaking up with “Riverdale” co-star Lili Reinhart in real life.

The actor discussed in-depth what it has been like to continue working with Reinhart on “Riverdale” after their 2020 breakup in the podcast “Call Her Daddy” episode aired on Wednesday.

“It was quite challenging for both of us, and that’s good, Sprouse said. “I think the work situation got difficult because putting our entire relationship on hold was difficult. We were not given the luxury of distance to go past that truly. I know that we both caused a lot of harm to one another.”

In January 2017, while filming season One of “Riverdale,” which debuted on The CW, Reinhart, and Sprouse became friends. But, it wasn’t until May 2018, when they attended the Met Gala together, that the couple made their relationship public.

The notoriously private performers kept their on-and-off relationship out of the spotlight of social media for the following two years. Nevertheless, Sprouse announced on Instagram in March 2020 that he and Reinhart had “permanently separated.” He continued, “I’ll forever consider myself lucky and treasure that I had the chance to be in love.”

But, Cole Sprouse claimed he would have stopped the relationship sooner if he had loved himself a bit deeper in his “Call Her Daddy” interview this week.

He said, “It was unhealthy for me to feel like I had to watch out for so many people. “I ought to have shown a little more selfishness in that circumstance.”

Cole Sprouse enjoys a new relationship with a model and Ari Fournier, a French-Canadian. In the previous year, Reinhart and Spencer Neville, who had been in “Ozark”  and “The Sex Lives of College Girls,” were romantically linked. Neither individual has declared a relationship official in public.

He added that Sprouse called himself a “serial monogamist,” but his relationship with Fournier woke him up to what real connection and commitment looked like.

“I can now declare in this relationship, Hell, absolutely, I have actual feelings,” he continued.

He also revealed some private information about his smoking habits.

Folks are all cool with everyone smoking pot in a studio, but when I ask if I can have tobacco, everyone looks disgusted,” says  Sprouse during his Call Her Daddy interview.

Cole also says he stopped paying his family’s bills three years ago and adds that while he can always provide his dad whatever he wants, his relationship with his mother is “difficult” because of her addiction.

Cole Sprouse with his family
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Cole Sprouse lost his virginity at 14 while on a family vacation: “Very tacky”

This week, Cole Sprouse also admitted losing his virginity while on a family vacation to an older girl,  calling the experience “so cringe.”

About his hairdo from Disney’s “The Suite Life with Zack and Cody,” the 30-year-old former Disney Channel actor remarked on the “Call her Daddy” podcast on Wednesday that when he lost his virginity, he was 14,” so this is a bowl-cut guy, right.”

“I met that older girl during a family vacation in Florida, which raises suspicions in and of itself, but we kind of made out on the first night.”

He said all his pals had already lost their virginity at a young age.

Cole Sprouse at "Call Her Daddy" interview
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The “Riverdale” actor claimed he knocked on her hotel room door the following evening before leading her down to the shore.

Sprouse claimed they were sitting on chaise lounges when he eventually worked up the nerve to say, “my brother has never been able to live down for me. I caught a peek at her as my heart was thumping,” he remarked.

While sharing a hotel room, the actor revealed that he sent the following text to his brother and a friend: “Man, got to get out of the room, man. You must leave the room because a girl is coming over, dude.”

The incident, according to Sprouse, “persisted approximately 20 seconds,” and he never spoke with the girl again.

Actor Cole  Sprouse
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He claimed he became a serial monogamist after the incidental relationship.

Sprouse acknowledged that he “regretted” his first experience because he hadn’t “made it unique.”

Before landing roles on “Big Daddy,” “Friends,” and “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody,”  actor Cole Sprouse, who started acting as a child in diaper commercials, claimed he struggled with “paranoia” in romances growing up because of his notoriety.  Until he was in college, he didn’t have an actual girlfriend.

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