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Love of Kill Season 2 Plot

Love of Kill Season 2: Chateau, Ryang-Ha, and Jim are attempting to solve the mystery of Chateau Noble’s history in the Love of Kill Season 2 anime TV series with the assistance of an unexpected ally. When will Season 2 of Koroshi Ai premiere?

Studio Platinum Vision created the first season of the Love of Kill anime television series. In addition to Dr. Ramune – Mysterious Disease Specialist, Kono Oto Tomare!, Devils Line, and Servamp, this studio’s work may be found in a variety of other media.

Hideaki Ooba was the director of the first anime project (Dr. Ramune). The story and series composition were handled by writer Ayumu Hisao (Kono Oto Tomare!, Dr. Ramune, Osamake: Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won’t Lose).

Youko Satou, the character designer for 7 SEEDS and Dr. Ramune, was also the director of animation. The soundtrack was composed by Mobile Suit Gundam AGE composer Kei Yoshikawa.

The music for the OP (opening) and ED (ending) theme songs for Love of Kill Season 2 has yet to be confirmed.

Aika Kobayashi sang the ED “Makoto Period” and Toshiki Masuda sang the Love of Kill OP “Midnight Dancer” for the show’s first season.

Trailer for Love of Kill Season 2 opening Theme Song:

February 23, 2022 was the premiere date for Crunchyroll’s English dub of Love of Kill. Ryan Colt Levy provided the voice of Ryan-ha Song, while Erin Yvette played Chateau Dankworth.

On March 30th, 2022, Love of Kill Episode 12 — the season finale — was published.

Predictions about when the second season of Koroshi Ai will air: It’s been a while since the first season aired.

This season of Love of Kill has yet to be officially announced by any of the companies involved in the production of the anime as of this writing. No Love of Kill sequel has been revealed, either.

This page will be updated as soon as the news is officially confirmed.

To entertain oneself while waiting for Love of Kill Season 2 Season 2, one might hypothesise as to the release date of Koroshi Ai Season 2.

There have been some mixed reviews for The Love of Kill. Some anime viewers may have been put off by the sluggish advancement of the first few episodes, not to mention the initial creepiness of Song Ryang-behavior ha’s at Chateau Dankworth because they did not yet comprehend his reasons.

Many anime fans still adhere to the “three-episode rule,” which states that if they aren’t captivated by Episode 3 of a programme, they won’t continue with it. It’s a shame that the first season of the anime dragged on for so long before delving deeper into the mystery and intrigue that lie at the heart of Ryan-ha and Chateau’s relationship. As if it wasn’t bad enough, most of the episodes began with lengthy recaps that made the plot even longer.

The finale of Episode 12 of Love of Kill left the first season of the anime feeling unfinished. A natural resting spot in the broader storyline… which the real source material gave several manga volumes later… seemed omitted from the story’s growth.

As a simple fix, it would have been better to cut out the too long flashbacks and recaps and save some screentime instead of having this problem. Every programme was squandered by nearly 6 minutes of such filler. Love of Kill Episode 13 may have had a much stronger finale if it had been made into an extended episode. The effective runtime could have risen by nearly 60 minutes.

Love of Kill is unlikely to be extended for a second season by the anime production committee because of all of these difficulties affecting anime viewers’ opinions of the TV programme. That so, it would be good to be proven incorrect, as the second half of Chateau Noble’s plot is crucial if the anime experience is truly satisfying (please see the manga comparison section below for more details).

The Webcomic for the Love of Kill manga sequel has already been released.

Manga series author Fe adapted the narrative on her Love of Kill manga for the anime. As of March 26, 2022, Volume 12 of the shojo manga has been serialised in Media Factory’s Monthly Comics Gene magazine.

Love of Kill Season 2

If all goes according to plan, Volume 13 will wrap up the Love of Kill manga in 2022/2031/22023, the author said when he released Volume 12.

In October 2012, the narrative was initially published on Pixiv as a Love of Kill comics. I Wanted to Read a Manga About an Assassin Couple in Love, so I Started Drawing One (Koroshiai Kappuru Manga ga Yomit ita to Omotteta kara Nanka Kaki Hajimeteta) was the original subtitle.

Translations for the Love of Kill manga are being released by North American publisher Yen Press. Volume 7 of the English manga will be released on April 26, 2022, followed by Volumes 8 and 9 on June 21, 2022 and August 23, 2022, respectively.

A Short Story About the Assassin Couple in Love Manga that I Just Wanted to Read About (Koroshiai Kappuru Manga ga Yomitai Dake no Shsetsu) is a direct sequel to Love of Kill that has already been released.

Fe, the manga’s author, spoke to Comic Natalie in December 2020 about how she worked on the manga as a side job until the first volume was released. “The more stressed up I was at work, the more eager I became to create anything!” Fe made the statement. Fe’s sister verified that the editor who contacted the webcomic author over the internet was a genuine person, despite the webcomic creator’s initial scepticism.

Because the term Koroshi Ai is a literal pun on the notion of “killing love,” Fe was apprehensive about using it.

She said, “This word is not my idea at all.” Character relationships may be described in terms of this circumstance, which has become popular among a specific subset of the public.

This is a “prototype” that doesn’t take timeline into account, according to Fe in an interview with Anime News Network. Fe said that the pixiv version was a “prototype.” In order to make the manga more commercially viable, she reconstructed the plot from the point of view of Ryang-Ha and Chateau’s initial encounter, rather than just connecting the dots.

The manga artist also went into detail about how she came to the decision to further explore their romantic relationship in her work.


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It’s a comparison of Koroshi Ai manga and anime.

The anime version of the Love of Kill manga was quite authentic. It was revealed that certain hilarious special bonus/omake chapters were omitted owing to jarring tonal swings between the action and comedy segments by director Hideaki Oba, though.

Because it’s such a big part of the manga’s appeal to Oba, she tried to replicate it in the anime as much as possible. “Some of them worked,” Oba said. “Some didn’t. And some we never adopted because we thought it was impossible.” Using this perspective, I found it to be more difficult than conveying action in some ways.”

Indian-name kun’s was also altered to the far more generic Jim for some unknown reason.

The slowness of the narration was by far the most frustrating aspect. Contrary to most other anime, this one drags things out by moving at a glacial pace through each scene. Despite the fact that manga connoisseurs would be pleased, there were several recaps and flashbacks to the point of irritation (especially if you binge-watched the episodes as I did).

Not that the plot necessitated it being this complicated. Fortunately, there was no shortage of material to draw upon. Volume 6 of the English-language version of the anime contained Japanese chapters 31 to 35, which were published at the same time as the Japanese version.

If more of the manga’s special bonus chapters had been included in the anime’s earlier episodes, the story would have progressed more quickly. By Love of Kill Episode 10, the anime had only just began adapting Chapter 31, therefore the final three episodes had to cover two volumes worth of material.

Love of Kill Season 2 News

That being said, it was obvious that the first season of this anime had a poor start due to the fact that the show was effectively stalling so that the major surprise would come at the end of season 1. If viewers were to get a sense of what transpired between Chateau and Ryang-Ha as youngsters and why Ryang-Ha executed the leader of the triads as the killer of Chateau’s father, those events had to take place early on in the manga series in order to make the first season feel a little more complete.

The last scene of Episode 11 matched up with Chapter 40 of Volume 7, which is when Chateau finally recalled her childhood tragedy in the present and continued apologising to everyone she came into contact with. To tie up any loose ends, a new flashback was necessary due to the episode’s finale combining aspects from Chapters 38 and 40.


When the memory was paired with Chateau’s mental collapse in the present in Episode 12, it heightened the suspense significantly. In the last few minutes of the show, hints of future events like Donny’s meeting with Mr. Noble and Nikka’s attack on Jim were previewed.

Ultimately, Koroshi Ai Episode 12 came to a close at the same time in the manga as Chapter 42 of Volume 8: The Final Chapter (only the panels focused on Ryang-Ha and Chateau were fully adapted).

After eventually learning about Ryang-intentions Ha’s for visiting Chateau, the film’s conclusion came as a welcome relief. While the mystery has been answered, the first season effectively leaves the audience hanging because there is no conflict resolution surrounding their current situation.

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At best, the end credits sequence in which Chateau contemplated recompense for hiring Ryang-Ha on the roof was an anime unique conclusion that was tepid to say the least. To indicate that they are now protecting one other from the approaching enemy helicopter, their peculiar behaviour was meant to convey this, but the manner they were aiming their guns came across as highly forced deception.

And for an anime that purports to be about a relationship between assassins, the romantic evolution has hardly gotten to the point of learning to trust, let alone falling in love with.

Chapter 56 was the perfect place to end the narrative because the preceding chapters answered the Chateau Noble mystery by concluding the Donny Bachmann story arc. Volumes 8 through 10 of the manga, which were jam-packed with action, would have provided a more satisfying conclusion. There is a two-month break between the two plot arcs in Love of Kill Season 2, which makes this chapter a great place to start.

Unfortunately, if the anime production committee had approved a two-episode first season, they would have had to adapt all 56 chapters. Even though the producers may have thought it was too dangerous, the lack of a Love of Kill Part 2 harmed the series long-term popularity prospects, as the tale didn’t really get going until the conclusion of Season 1.

In addition, 15 chapters are not enough for a second season of a stand-alone show. It’s the ideal running time for a Love of Kill film, but that’s becoming more improbable.

It’s a good thing that Love of Kill has already released enough new chapters to make Season 2 possible. Even better, in June 2022, the English Love of Kill Volume 8 will be available for those who can’t wait until then to get a jump on the series.

Love of Kill Season 2 Anime TV Spoilers (Plot Summary/Synopsis).

Finally, the haze that has enveloped Chateau and Ryang-childhoods Ha’s had lifted. What awaits them after that fateful encounter, when they were brought together by a boy named “Ryang-Ha Song”?

Love of Kill Season 2 Cast

As a result of their situation, Ryang-Ha and Chateau have had to go into hiding, and she wants to formally “employ” him in order to rekindle their romance. Indian gentleman Jim and another man with whom they have a past, the red-haired Nikka, contact Chateau’s partners.

Jim’s life was threatened at first, but it turns out that Nikka is going through a “rebellious period” of her own. They taunt the “mad dog” of Donny when several of Donny’s men try to kidnap Jim, and Nikka shoots them dead in revenge.

Ryang-Ha is sceptical of Nikka’s claim that he’s now in the same boat as the rest of them. He is, however, open to hearing from Nikka about “Chateau Noble.”

A connection between Chateau’s father and grandpa was discovered by Donny, who had a personal connection to Liszt Noble, Chateau’s grandfather.

To preserve Chateau, Ryang-Ha and his companions will sneak onto an uninhabited island far out in the ocean, but the obstacles they’ll have to overcome and the weight of Chateau’s history will weigh heavily on them….