Basketball Movies on Netflix

Top 5 Basketball Movies on Netflix Streaming right now!

We at JefeBet are aware that you are a fan of the best sports, such as basketball, and as a result, we have compiled a list of the top basketball movies on Netflix in 2022. You can learn more about this sport, better understand it, and have a wonderful time with the enchanted tales, whether real or imagined, that moviemakers have left for us on the court. Continue reading if you are curious about the ones we have decided to go with.

High Flying Bird

The narrative of High Flying Bird follows an NBA agent who is given only three days to devise a strategy for his client, a young basketball player just starting in the league. Steven Soderbergh served as the movie’s director, and the Apple iPhone 8 was used in every shot. Do you find that impressive?

Basketball Movies on Netflix

This sports drama, which ran for 91 minutes and was released in 2019, enables the audience to fall in love with the characters and follow their difficulties in a world that promotes capital while reducing talent.

Last Chance U: Basketball

Final Opportunity U: Basketball is a series that follows the story of a basketball coach in East Los Angeles attempting to assist high school players in achieving the college scholarships they have always hoped for.

Due to its emphasis on collegiate basketball, this film is a documentary that gives viewers the opportunity to follow the careers of aspiring young basketball players who are not currently playing in the NBA.


In the movie “Amateur,” a young basketball player has a tough time realizing his desire to become a professional player. This dream is to play basketball at the highest level possible. The narrative follows this young guy as he navigates the complexities of his personal and professional relationships as he is being pursued a spot on a prestigious NCAA team.

The duration of this film is 96 minutes, and it was made available on Netflix on April 6th, 2018. This powerful story speaks to our sentiments and attempts to follow the resiliency of a person who is inspired to dream and do great things. It is an emotional story that appeals to our feelings.

Space Jam

Who hasn’t watched this movie already? (It’s safe to say that everyone at JefeBet has seen it more than once.) If you have not done so previously, we encourage you to start immediately by switching on the television.

Basketball Movies on Netflix

In the movie Space Jam, a retired Michael Jordan is coerced into playing basketball with the Looney Tunes after they accept a challenge from a team of aliens to play a game of basketball that will determine the future of each member of the Looney Tunes.

As was stated before, not only is this movie about basketball an all-time great, but one of its performers is a genuine living legend. The whole family will find it very amusing, as well as easy to understand and fun to participate in. Whether or not you have watched the movie in question, there is no question that it is one that you will thoroughly appreciate.

The Last Dance

The Last Dance is a documentary series that is comprised of ten episodes. In this multi-part series, each episode focuses on a different aspect of Michael Jordan’s career with the Chicago Bulls. This player’s career with the team throughout 1997 and 1998 is dissected in this episode focusing on the most noteworthy moments from that time period.

This relationship between player and team is one of the most famous in basketball history. The chapter format enables the authors to go into the specifics and significant aspects that contributed to the formation of this relationship.

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