Amanda Nunes

Amanda Nunes Net Worth: Reputation, Earnings Potential, and Affidavits

Amanda Nunes is a professional mixed martial artist from Brazil, she is the current UFC Women’s Featherweight Champion.

BIOGRAPHY: Amanda Nunes

Amanda was born on May 30th 1988 in Pojuca, Brazil. She is the youngest of the three siblings. Her parents split when she was only four years old. Amanda and her sisters remained with her mother. Being a single parent, her mother started selling hot dogs to support herself and her daughter’s along with an administrative job. NUNES father disapproved of her career initially, due to the reason that she’s a woman.

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Amanda aspired to be a soccer player, when she was in elementary school. In her teens, she started training in Brazilian ju-jitsu. In 2008, Amanda entered in Prime MMA Championship 2 professionally.


Amanda is openly lesbian UFC champion. She’s married to another UFC fighter Nina NUNES. In September 2020, her wife gave birth to their first child.

Amanda Nunes


Amanda’s net worth in 2022 is $ 4 million.


Amanda Nunes official MMA fight record is (21-5-0)

In total 26 matches, she won 21 and 5 losses.

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