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Alfred Ntombela: Biography, Age, Wife, Movies and Net Worth!

It’s no secret that Alfred Ntombela is a veteran South African actor best recognised for his roles in comic films in his own country. He was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, on April 3rd, 1972. There are few actors like him in Hollywood today.

As a leading actor in South Africa’s film industry, Alfred Ntombela is widely regarded as one of the best.

His role in Sweet ‘n Short, in which he gave an outstanding performance, is widely known. In addition to Mama Jack, he had a pivotal part in the film of the same name, in which he also played a memorable role.

Alfred Ntombela is a film industry legend in South Africa, having worked in the industry for more than two decades.

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Adolescence and Education

Alfred Ntombela, aka Shorty, was born on April 3rd, 1972, exactly forty years ago today. His early years were spent in the South African provinces of Vosloorus, Ekhurhuleni, and Gauteng.

Because he had to face many challenges as a teenager, the path to become the man he is now was not an easy one for him. Ntombela’s parents split before he was born in Alfred Ntombela’s recounting It’s possible that his mother was pregnant at the time she got divorced from his father before he was born.

Because the man with whom his mother had a child was albino, Alfred Ntombela believes his mother fled. She acted this way out of concern for the possible judgement of her own people.

Shortly after Alfred Ntombela was born, his mother entrusted him to her aunt’s care. The fact that she raised him as her own child was a blessing in disguise. That he didn’t get to meet his father is a real travesty. does not have any information about Alfred Ntombela’s educational background at this time. Updates on his educational history will be posted as soon as we acquire confirmation from our sources.

The Private Sector: Alfred Ntombela

Known as Shorty, Alfred Ntombela is married to a woman named Promise Malatji and they have two sons and a daughter.

It has been widely speculated that Alfred Ntombela had died in 2017. It was widely accepted that he had been killed in a terrible vehicle accident. Alfred Ntombela’s outspoken denial of his death dispelled the death rumours.

According to reports, his ex-fiancée was the source of the defamatory rumour.

Career: Alfred Ntombela

For as long as he can remember, Alfred Ntombela has wanted to be an actor, and he cites Ken Gampu as an inspiration. As a kid, he wanted to be just like his hero.

Ken Gampu’s style of play was something he aspired to, and he made it plain. Good fortune helped Ken Gampu gain a job at Heyns Films in Halfway House. When Ken Gampu was able to help Alfred Ntombela get his first big-screen role later on, it was because of a second chance.

His career took off after that, and he went on to star in a slew of South African comedies. He made his feature film debut in Sweet ‘n Short and wowed the crowd.

Alfred Ntombela

He and his family live in a well-appointed house in South Africa.

Working in the entertainment sector and enjoying an enviable lifestyle have contributed to his current fortune. Famous South African actor Alfred Ntombela is worth over $1.5 million.


  • UNTAG (Kwagga Strikes Back) Is Nearing Its Arrival (1993)
  • Cute and to the point (1991)
  • Alec saves the day in the role of Themba Ndlovu (1999)
  • Meaty (2001) The fact that I’m known as Gatvol is a major error. (2004)
  • Mama Jack dressed as Shorty Dladla (2005)
  • Mr. Bones: The Second Part (2008)
  • Schuks Tshabalala’s Survival Guide to South Africa (2010)
  • Dumfounding Jokers (2012)
  • Schuks! Your country relies on your skills and expertise (2013)

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