Aespa released the 3rd episode's video of its cultural Universe

Aespa released the 3rd episode’s video of its cultural Universe

Aespa released the third episode describing the imaginary universe titled “3 Girls (Don’t you know I’m a savage) on Thursday (Feb 23) evening.

According to the girl group aespa’s management company, SM Entertainment, technical difficulties have caused the release of their cultural world video, which was scheduled for Wednesday, to get delayed by one day.

The agency posted on the girl group’s official Twitter and Instagram page, “Hi, we would like to tell you that SM Cultural Universe ‘ep by Aespa. 3 Girls (Don’t you know I’m a Savage?)’ slated to premiere today at 6 PM KST will be moved to tomorrow (2/23) at 6 PM KST.”

According to the statement, technical issues provided no other information.

The episode wraps off the first season of the girl group’s culture world series by explaining the imaginary universe in more detail.

Aespa’s  SM Cultural Universe contains three episodes 

  • Episode 1: Black Mamba
  • Episode 2: “Next Level”
  • Girls (Don’t you know I’m a savage, episode three)
The culture world series by Aespa
Source: Twitter

The group’s identity is heavily influenced by the films describing the “ae-aespa” metaverse, which includes four additional “ae” virtual avatars in addition to the four actual members Giselle,  Karina, Winter, and Ningning. The agency’s founder, Lee Soo-man, created the metaverse concept for aespa.

See the official video of ‘3 Girls (Don’t you know I’m a Savage?)’ below.

The girl group’s debut performance, “Synk: Hyper Line,” will occur on February 25 and 26 in Jamsil Arena in southern Seoul. Furthermore, concerts will be held in Japan in March and April. Aespa is also working on their debut full-length record, which they want to release in April.

The release date for the female group’s new album had been set for February 20. Still, Lee Soo-man, the group’s founder, forced a delay because of his “greed and intransigence,” according to co-CEO of SM Entertainment Lee Sung-soo. These comments were made on February 16 in a YouTube video by Lee Sung-soo.

He added that the founder made the girl group members sing lyrics about “Just sustainability, cohabitation, lowering the temperature, and Greenism,” which “filled them crying” and made them unhappy.

Karina,  Ningning, Giselle, and Winter debuted as a quartet in November 2020. The trio is most known for their chart-topping singles  2020’s “Black Mamba,” 2021’s “Next Level,”  and  2022’s “Girls.”

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