Who is vincent fnaf

Who is vincent fnaf? The FNAF Vincent Guide

Who is vincent fnaf? Vincent is frequently portrayed as an alternate-world version of the Purple Guy, and this interpretation is widely recognized.

He is the proprietor of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza and plays a significant part in the fangames associated with The Return to Freddy’s.

who is vincent fnaf

Vincent is unique in several ways, including the following:

  • It is not possible to include him in the canon. After the release of Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, there was a lot of speculation about the character known as the Purple Guy (and the Phone Guy). Fans
  • He is helpful to Mike Schmidt in that he calls him and offers counsel in addition to supplying background information.
  • In the minigames of Return to Freddy’s Classic, he takes on the role of both a killer and an assistant.

Vincent’s Appearance: Who is vincent fnaf?

Because Vincent has a pixelated appearance, there is not a lot of detail to it. His skin is purple, his eyes are black, and his lips are also black, but they are shaped like a smile. In Return to Freddy’s 2, he retains his purple coloration and pixelated appearance. On the other hand, the pupils in his eyes have been replaced with tiny white dots, and he is adorned with a golden symbol on his chest. Regardless, he keeps his smile and holds up a phone.

who is vincent fnaf

In Return to Freddy’s 3, he is shown to be a darker shade of purple, and both his badge and lips have been removed. It appears that only his eyes remain. In Return to Freddy’s 4, his pupils are much more noticeable, the joyful mouth is still there, and the badge is much more significant. Additionally, he seems to have grown taller in TRTF 5.

Vincent Lore

Rebornica, a Tumblr user who made a series of FNAF fan comics, is the one responsible for the creation of Vincent. The comic’s readership increased when it was revealed that the Purple Guy actually had a name for the first time.

The Purple Guy’s notoriety increased to the point where people started referring to him as Vincent. People also began to call him Vincent. Obviously, all of this took place before the launch of the third installment of the Five Nights at Freddy’s series. When that game was finally released, it rendered Vincent completely obsolete.

who is vincent fnaf

The game that is now known as Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Return to Freddy’s was originally going to be called Five Nights at Freddy’s 3, and it used stolen materials from the original series. Despite this, this was not the last time we saw Vincent. Additionally, he was included in the fan game The Return to Freddy’s, which takes place in a parallel universe.

Vincent is the one that phones Mike Schmidt and provides him with information and advice on how to carry out his responsibilities when the games are being played. In addition to that, he discusses animatronics.

Throughout the games, we find that Vincent previously held a position at Fazbear Incorporated (and a final digital novel called The Dreadful Truth). After learning what his boss was doing to his coworkers—including enslaving them, abusing them, and locking them in animatronic costumes that stabbed them—he decided to leave his position.

After that, he gets back in touch with an old employee named Gron, who was also present during the terrible events. On the other hand, Gron experiences a hallucination in which he dresses in a Golden Lockjaw costume and then activates the suit, resulting in his death. As soon as Vincent becomes aware of this, he makes a beeline for Gron’s residence, where he discovers Gron’s kid dangling from the ceiling with his wrists severed.

In 1985, Vincent opened Fredbear’s Family Diner, which featured several animatronic characters, including Chica, Bonnie, Doug the Dog, Sugar the Cat, KittyFazCat, and Freddy. Other characters included Foxy. As more customers frequented the eatery, Vincent found it necessary to hire a security guard.

In addition, Vincent was responsible for the death of BFP, also known as the Lockjaw Child. However, The Dreadful Truth reveals that this particular death resulted from an accident. It was in the year 1987 that Vincent had a hallucination. While under hallucinogens, he dressed a young child in a mechanical costume. After being triggered, the suit was responsible for the child’s death.

The infant transformed into a ghost and became possessed by Bonnie’s attire. Soon after that, additional animatronics began moving throughout the room. After some time, Vincent added to the building, and it eventually became Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. There has been complete stagnation for the past two decades. That is, up to the point when Vincent hired Mike Schmidt as a security guard.

The young boy’s spirit implanted pieces of his soul into each of the animatronics, which caused them to deconstruct and separate from one another. After a hasty phone call from Vincent to Mike, in which he admitted responsibility for Gron’s death, Mike resigned shortly after.

The history of Vincent may not be as intricate as the traditional lore of FNAF, but it is nevertheless capable of standing on its own. Despite this, I didn’t particularly enjoy the novel because of its many flaws. In spite of the fact that it is fanfiction, the language and logic might use some work.

Therefore, if you are interested in reading The Dreadful Truth, you shouldn’t expect Hemingway to appear.

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