Azim Rizk

Azim Rizk Net Worth: Facts about the Author’s Childhood and Family Life.

When was Azim Rizk born? September 4, 1990. He is an American television actor. His film credits include Duel of Destiny, Warrior Showdown, and Summer Camp Revenge of the Island, in addition to his role as “Green Super Megaforce Ranger” on Nickelodeon’s Power Rangers Super Megaforce series. Azim Rizk is claimed to have the zodiac sign Virgo.

He was born in Tucson, Arizona, to Irish and Middle Eastern immigrants.

As a result of their ethnicity, religion, and political ideas, they have a unique perspective on the world.

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Many people are curious in Azim Rizk’s ethnicity, country, ancestry, and race. See what we can find! According to internet encyclopaedias like Wikipedia and IMDb, Azim Rizk’s ethnicity is still a mystery. It will be updated to reflect Azim Rizk’s current political and religious views. If nothing has changed, come back in a few days and take another look.

Azim Rizk Wealth:

Azim is a well-known and well-paid actor on television. We, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider all put Azim Rizk’s net worth at around $1.5 million.

Just eighteen years old, he appeared in the short film, Five Minutes Ago.

The height of Azim Rizk.

Azim Rizk has a height of 5 ft 11 in. They will be made public as soon as Azim’s physical size and weight have been determined.

Before joining the cast of Super Megaforce in 2014, he featured in the 2013 Power Rangers Megaforce film before joining the group in 2014.

Azim Rizk

Azim Rizk has a new lady in his life.

According to our records, Azim Rizk is possibly single and has never been engaged. Azim Rizk’s status as a single person in December of 2021 was last checked by us.

It appears that Rizk has no prior ties to us. Azim Rizk’s dating history could use some help from you!

There are both facts and rumours.

Azim is one of the most well-known faces on television. She’s one of the 10 most famous native-born Americans. September 4 is Azim Rizk’s birthday.

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