Who is Polo G Dating?

Polo G Dating: Polo G is a professional American rapper born in Chicago, United States, on January 6,1999.

The rapper was supposedly dating a TikTok star, Crystal Please. Crystal is a social media personality born in Chicago, United States, on September 26, 2000.

The two had been dating for a long time until Polo G was accused of cheating on her. They even have a baby together.


Polo G first made his debut in the world of music and rapping in 2017.

He is a talented rapper, singer, lyricist, and now a record executive who owns a recording label, Columbia ODA label. The guy rose to a significant spot after releasing his single, Finer Things, Pop Out, etc.

His genres and strengths are Hip Hop/Trap,/Drill music. Polo was too young when he started his YouTube channel and instantly gained many followers.

His music was being noticed and appreciated on social media, which helped him plant his foot strong in the industry later.

He is now a famous personality, and big singers want to work with him.

Some of his biggest hits are RAPSTAR, 21, I Know, Go Stupid, Flex, Headshot, Heartless, Rich MF, Wishing for a Hero, Epidemic, Bloody Canvas, etc.

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Personal Life:

Polo G’s real name is Taurus Tremani Barlett. He was mostly born and brought up by his mother, Stacia Marc, single-handedly.

He has two more siblings, Leilani Capalot and Trench Baby, who were all raised together in small homebody in the poor neighborhoods of Chicago, Illinois.

Polo went to Wendell Phillips Academy High School and hardly managed to pass his English exams.

Thanks to his love for rapping, which made him learn and cope with the language to pass. His seniors and school teachers knew about his passion for rapping and singing.


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Relationship status: Who is Polo G Dating?

Polo G’s relationship status stands Unmarried. He has been a popular celebrity rapper for a while and is a very promising young talent in the business.

So it is almost impossible to stay away from a rapper’s charm. Although nothing has ever been spoken about his past relationships while growing up, the one relationship that had come into The public eye after he gained fame was with Crystal Please.

The two started seeing each other in 2018 and were going very strong until suddenly, in 2021, their breakup was confirmed. Speculations are Polo G cheated on her, and they even have a child named Tremani.

Net worth:

Polo G’s net worth is estimated to be a whopping $7 million, updated in 2022. Since he officially joined the industry in 2018, it has only been four years; consider that he is worth millions already. Polo has a bright future in terms of making a fortune and increasing his net worth.

FAQs About Polo G Dating

Q: Who is Polo G’s wife?

A: Polo G is unmarried.

Q: Are Polo G and Crystal Please still dating?

A: Polo G was earlier dating Crystal Please. The two broke up in 2021 because of rumors Is Polo G cheated on her with his best friend?

Q: How old is Polo G?

A: 23 years.

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