Where is Righteous Gemstones Filmed

Where is Righteous Gemstones Filmed? Find out the locations!

Where is Righteous Gemstones Filmed? If you must interfere with God’s affairs, be like ‘The Righteous Gemstones.’ The criminal series, created by Danny McBride of ‘Vice Principles fame, centers on a dysfunctional family of prominent televangelists named the Gemstones. Pastors can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle due to gifts made to the church while attempting to develop the church via other ventures. When this occurs, other modest churches in the area, such as the one led by Reverend John Wesley Seasons, cease operations.

The plot of the black comedy unfolds in the opulent residence of the Gemstones and their opulent businesses. Simultaneously, the new Gemstone Prayer Center in Locust Grove plays an essential role in the developing plot. Let us transfer you to the locations where the series is filmed if you are out recognizing them.

Filming Locations for The Righteous Jewels

Filming locations for ‘The Righteous Gemstones’ include Charleston, North Charleston, and Mount Pleasant in South Carolina. The first season’s production began in the summer of 2018, while the second season’s production began in April 2021.

After several months of filming, the second season’s production concluded in November 2021. The government of South Carolina has implemented a well-designed tax refund program to attract production to the state.

Where is Righteous Gemstones Filmed

A production qualifies for the tax credit if it spends at least $1 million in the state. Qualified projects receive a 30 percent reimbursement on in-state expenditures and a 25 percent rebate on out-of-state expenditures. Let us take you to the actual filming locations for “The Righteous Gemstones”!

The city of Charleston, South Carolina

The entire series is shot in and around South Carolina, with Charleston, a 1670s-era port city, serving as the production hub. Citadel Mall, located at 2070 Sam Rittenberg Boulevard, doubles as the Gemstones’ shopping mall-based megachurch in Locust Grove, also known as the Gemstone Prayer Center.

A famous scene from the first season was shot at the Early Bird Diner, a 24-hour eatery located at 1644 Savannah Highway in West Ashley, Charleston. In another amusing incident from the first season, a Gemstone loses his composure over a shopping cart.

Where is Righteous Gemstones Filmed

The scene was shot at Piggly Wiggly, a grocery store located at 630 Skylark Drive East. A few sequences have been shot at the seafood restaurant Island Breeze, which has probably closed permanently. Charleston’s scenery is characterized by pastel-colored houses, cobblestone pathways, and horse-drawn carriages, and its peculiar old-world charm attracts a great number of tourists.

South Carolina’s North Charleston

Numerous areas of North Charleston were used for significant filming. Aviation Square Shopping Center, located at 6185 Rivers Avenue in North Charleston, is a key filming location for the show. The North Charleston Coliseum & Performing Arts Center, a 14000-seat event arena located at 5001 Coliseum Drive in North Charleston, is another important place in the series.

The stadium serves as a substitute for the magnificent Gemstone Salvation Center. In the first season, a baptism ceremony at the Whirlin’ Waters Adventure Waterpark in Wannamaker County Park, located at 8888 University Boulevard in North Charleston, spirals out of control. Additionally, the Gemstones empire owns private jets. They frequently depart from the Atlantic Aviation airbase at 6060 South Aviation Avenue #99.

Where is Righteous Gemstones Filmed

Hill-Rom Charleston, a North Charleston office building located at 7236 Cross Park Drive, also houses some of the minor offices of the Gemstones empire, including Eli Gemstones’ office. A few moments are filmed at Eternal Father of the Sea Chapel, a wedding chapel located at 1096 Navy Way.

In the first season, Keefe Chambers contemplates the alleged glory of God while gazing closely at a restaurant. The sequence was shot at Azul Mexicano, a North Charleston restaurant located at 1078c East Montague Avenue. According to reports, some lines were also filmed at The North Charleston Holding Cells and Frankie’s Fun Park.

The city of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

A segment of the show was filmed in Mount Pleasant, the state’s largest city and the county seat of Charleston County. Scenes from the first season were shot in the former steakhouse at 1028 Johnnie Dodds Boulevard, Liberty Tap Room.

Formerly a lively eatery, the site has been transformed into an event space. In addition, filming occurred at Charleston KOA Campground, a campground located at 3157 North Highway 17 North, and Sky Zone Trampoline Park, an amusement park located at 411 Wando Park Boulevard of which are situated in the suburban municipality of Mount Pleasant.

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