Rosario Dawson Dating Life |Everything About Her Split With Cory Booker

Rosario Dawson is an American actor. Her first role in a feature film was the indie drama Kids, which was released in 1995.

In 2000, Dawson was said to have had a brief romance with Jay-Z before he met Beyonce, the woman he would eventually marry.

Two years later, she was reportedly romantically involved with Fringe star Joshua Jackson, and the two dated for an entire year.

Between 2004 and 2006, Rosario was in a relationship with Jason Lewis for two years.

Rumors were circulating that Dawson had begun a romantic relationship with film director Quentin Tarantino

In 2012, Dawson was romantically involved with the filmmaker Danny Boyle. However, Dawson's relationship with Boyle was a private matter

In 2018, Rosario was at a party where she first met Senator Cory Booker. In 2019, they first started dating each other.

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