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Rosario Dawson Dating Life |Everything About Her Split With Cory Booker

Rosario Dawson Dating Life : Rosario Dawson is an American actor. Her first role in a feature film was the indie drama Kids, which was released in 1995. Her subsequent film roles include those in Josie and the Pussycats, Rent, Zookeeper, Clerks II, Seven Pounds, Sin City, Percy Jackson, and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Men in Black II, Unstoppable, Trance, Top Five, Death Proof, Zombieland: Double Tap and He Got Game. Dawson has also done voice-over work for Warner Bros., Nickelodeon, Viacom CBS, DC Comics, and Disney/Marvel unit, amongst other companies. Rosario was born in New York on May 9, 1979, to Isabelle Celeste and Patrick C. Harris. Her mother did not wed her biological father during her lifetime. When Rosario was one year old, her mother tied the knot with Greg Dawson. The family ultimately settled in Texas.

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Dawson had a guest spot on Sesame Street when he was a kid. At the age of 15, she was discovered on the step of her front porch by photographer Larry Clark and Harmony Korine. After seeing her, Korine decided that she would be ideal for a role that he had written in the screenplay for the controversial film Kids, which was released in 1995. After that, it was some time before Rosario’s career in film began to take off, but by the late 1990s, she had already landed roles in a few different independent films.

Since then, she has transitioned into more mainstream hits (and misses), and she has surprised viewers with her earthy, provocative, and expressive approach to the roles that she has played. In the drama 25th Hour, directed by Spike Lee, Dawson starred alongside Edward Norton. She portrayed Roxana, Alexander the Great’s wife, in Oliver Stone’s film Alexander, released in 2004. Dawson made her debut on stage as Julia in the Public Theater’s “Shakespeare in the Park” revival performance of Two Gentlemen of Verona in 2005.

She was also a part of the movie adaptation of the comic book Sin City. She has never hidden the fact that she is interested in singing; instead, she is broadening her horizons beyond the realm of film. Rosario collaborated with Prince on the reissue of his hit from the 1980s titled “1999,” and she also made an appearance in the music video for The Chemical Brothers’ song titled “Out of Control,” which was taken from their album titled “Surrender.” In the films Seven Pounds and Eagle Eye, Dawson shared the screen with Will Smith. More recent millennium films starring suspenseful action movies Unstoppable, Zookeeper, 10 Years, Fire with Fire, Top Five, Zombieland: Double Tap. She has also starred in independent films like Unforgettable and the lead role in the dramatic comedy Krystal.

Rosario has appeared in a variety of TV shows, including comedies like “Jane the Virgin” and “The Last Kids on Earth,” which is an animated cartoon series, as well as action shows like “Daredevil” and “Iron Fist.” She has also focused on her work in television.

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Rosario Dawson Dating / Personal Life

In 2000, Dawson was said to have had a brief romance with Jay-Z before he met Beyonce, the woman he would eventually marry. Two years later, she was reportedly romantically involved with Fringe star Joshua Jackson, and the two dated for an entire year. Between 2004 and 2006, Rosario was in a relationship with Jason Lewis for two years. Rumors were circulating that Dawson had begun a romantic relationship with film director Quentin Tarantino around the same time that she was featured in two of his movies in the year 2006. Mathieu Schreyer, a French DJ, was Rosario’s long-term significant other until 2011 when they ended their relationship.

In 2012, Dawson was romantically involved with the filmmaker Danny Boyle. However, Dawson’s relationship with Boyle was a private matter, and the two of them broke up in 2013 before anyone knew they had dated. In 2018, Rosario was at a party where she first met Senator Cory Booker. In 2019, they first started dating each other. After dating for a whole year, Dawson eventually confessed to Booker that she loved him, and the two of them made their relationship Instagram official. The two officially ended their relationship in February of 2022.


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Net Worth

Rosario Dawson has an estimated net worth of $8 million.

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FAQ’s About Rosario Dawson Dating 

Q: What was Rosario’s childhood like?  

A: Dawson grew up on Lower East Side in Manhattan with her close-knit family. Her childhood was not easy; when Dawson was seven, her family moved to a tenement building that was abandoned.

Q: What was Rosario’s first acting role?  

A: Her first appearance was brief on Sesame Street.

Q: What was Rosario’s first movie?  

A: Her first movie appearance was in Kids in 1995.

Q: How many siblings does Rosario have?  

A: Rosario has a brother Clay Dawson.








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