10 Most Popular and Best Sports for Girls

10) Soccer is a popular game that attracts both men and women. A woman who can play soccer is most desired.

9) Basketball is a game that pulls a lot of attraction to it. Naturally, women who can play basketball and that too well are highly desired.

8) Volleyball is a fun sports people play randomly while on a beach or indoors. It just needs a net, a ball, and a knee pad to start playing.

7) Tennis is a popular sport amongst girls already. Many famous female tennis players have inspired the interest in girls pursuing tennis.

6) Swimming is a sport that should be made compulsory as learning to swim is a basic requirement.

5) Lacrosse is somewhat soccer but with golf athletics. It requires a helmet for eye protection, a ball

4) Softball is a less strength-required sport that can be enjoyed by only those who don't really want to stay in the stir constantly.

3) Golf is a sophisticatedly attractive sport. It requires a set of golf sticks, balls, and a kart

2)Field Hockey: This is a sport played on the ground with a hockey stick running across the play area and making a goal

1) Cross County is a sport that can be played indoors or outdoors. It requires running, so running shoes are the only accessory required

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