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Vince McMahon Net Worth: How Many WWE Shares does He Own?

American professional wrestling promoter, commentator, and filmmaker Vince McMahon is one of the richest people in the world. At WWE, Vince became a multi-millionaire and a household name.

Is Vince McMahon the majority shareholder of WWE?

In total, Vince has 28.7 million WWE shareholders. It is estimated that Mr. Goldberg possesses 80 percent of WWE’s voting power and about 37 percent of WWE’s outstanding shares.

In April 2019, when the share price hit an all-time high of $96, he stated that his shares were worth $2.76 billion. During the following six months, the value of WWE stock decreased by half. As of February 2020, when WWE stock was valued at $44, Vince’s WWE stock holdings were worth $1.2 billion after taxes. Vince made a profit of over $100 million in December 2017 when he sold 3.34 million shares of stock.

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For the XFL relaunch he just announced, he sold the shares. When the stock was at its all-time high in April 2019, Vince sold 3.2 million shares for a profit of $272 million. He was born at just the right time, as fate would have it. The same shares would have been worth half as much a few months later. Profits from both sales went to Alpha Entertainment, which is controlled by him. According to rumours, the owner of the XFL’s new club plans to invest $500 million of his own money in the team.

When Vince McMahon was a Kid

Vince McMahon was born on August 24, 1945, in Pinehurst, North Carolina. His paternal grandpa, Vincent James McMahon, had left the family home before Vince was 12 years old and had never been seen again. Vince was raised by his mother, Victoria, and a slew of stepfathers. Fishburne Military School gave McMahon an education despite the fact that he had scholastic challenges and dyslexia. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration after finishing his undergraduate studies at East Carolina University.

His father created WWE World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in the 1970s, which is where Vince got his start as chairman, CEO, and majority owner of today’s most recognisable pro wrestling name. In 1971, his father handed McMahon the task of promoting a local wrestling performance, and he began working for him as a result. Vince was the ring announcer and play-by-play commentator for All-Star Wrestling. He helped his father’s company quadruple TV syndication over time and became a more integral part of the team as a result.

After their father’s death in 1984, the McMahons took over a business that was still rather tiny. He gained notoriety for his company because to Hulk Hogan’s endorsement. Vince McMahon popularised the “Rock and Wrestling Connection” notion by incorporating pop singers into his tales, which helped pro wrestling gain a wider audience in the United States. Following WrestleMania, a slew of creative programmes aired. McMahon made professional wrestling a household name by turning the WWF into a unique kind of sports entertainment. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), initially known as World Wrestling Federation (WWF), is now a multi-billion dollar corporation.

Diverse Additional Efforts

As a professional wrestler, he has held both the WWF and ECW World Championships. As one of the newest inductees to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, he now has his own star. They have been involved in the company both on and off camera, Shane and Stephanie McMahon, who are the offspring of McMahon. He was married to WWE executive Linda McMahon, who was nominated by President Trump to lead the Small Business Administration as the Administrator in 2017.


A fierce feud has been raging between Vince McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin since December of 1997. During an on-air interview, McMahon mentioned Austin’s purported assaults on him and other commentators. According to Vince McMahon, he had a “master plan” to remove Austin as WWF Champion on television in the fall of 1998 after becoming “sick and tired” of seeing him hold the title. After that, Austin drove a Zamboni into the WWF arena and attacked McMahon. He was hauled into arrest soon after.

A public spat between Vince and Donald Trump began in January 2007. Trump and WWE CEO Vince McMahon decided to each appoint a representative to fight on their behalf after threatening each other with a fight. In the end, the McMahon wrestler lost.

Confidential Matters vs Buying a House

Vince McMahon


Vince McMahon married Linda McMahon in North Carolina on August 26, 1966. They first met at church when they were teenagers. Besides their two children, Shane and Stephanie, they have six great-grandchildren. Vince and his family live in Greenwich, Connecticut, about a 30-minute drive from WWE’s Stamford, Connecticut, headquarters. New York City real estate sources indicate that the billionaire has a $40 million residence in Greenwich Village. A $12 million Manhattan mansion and a “Sexy Bitch” sports yacht are among the other things he’s owned.

At one point, McMahon pretended to be dead. On June 11, 2007, WWE aired a segment in which Vince was seen getting into a limo shortly before it exploded. When the show was put on “off air,” it was presumed that McMahon had died. According to McMahon’s own admission on June 25, 2007, he wasn’t actually dead after all, but that his demise had been staged as part of a fictional persona he’d made up. According to him, he had staged his own death in order to see what people’ perceptions were of him.

He has donated to a number of Republican Party organisations, including America Rising, a research and tracking group. He made a $5 million donation to the Donald J. Trump Charitable Foundation. A total of $8 million was donated by the McMahons to three universities: Sacred Heart; East Carolina; and Fishburne Military School.

Former WWF referee Rita Chatterton came forward in 1992 accusing McMahon of sexual abuse. In 2006, he was accused of sexual harassment by a bartender in Boca Raton, Florida. Neither instance resulted in any formal accusations.

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