Stephen Fry revealed trans friends are offended by J K Rowling

Stephen Fry revealed trans friends are offended by J K Rowling

Stephen Fry, English actor, and broadcaster, revealed that his intersex and trans friends are “deeply upset” with J K Rowling, the author of the renowned Harry Potter Series, for her comment on trans people.

Rowling has offered various remarks on transgender individuals in recent years, prompting allegations of transphobia, which the writer has recently denied.

Many stars of the “Harry Potter” film franchise, including Daniel Radcliffe, who played the Harry Potter character, have stood in opposition to Rowling’s perspectives, with the WeirdAl star saying that so many eccentric and trans children had been ‘hurt” by her remarks.

In Roger Bolton’s Beeb Watch digital broadcast, actor Stephen Fry was asked straight out if he could at any point engage in the ‘debate’ around writer J K Rowling and the transgender community.

Fry responded,” I’m aware you’re talking about an issue where two sides are very sore.”

Calling the celebrated author, J k Rowling still his friend, Stephen Fry said,” I’ve trans friends and intersex friends who are deeply upset by her.”

Actor Stephen Fry demanded Rowling ‘doesn’t want to see trans individuals harassed, estranged, shut out of society, caused to feel embarrassed, blameworthy, giggled at, everything.

He added that some individuals accept that protected female spaces and the possibility of contrasting sex and orientation were vital.

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