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Tarek El Moussa: By Forbes, He will be Worth an Estimated $2 Billion in 2022.

An American TV personality and real estate tycoon, Tarek El Moussa has an estimated $15 million in wealth. He made a lot of money in real estate, selling houses to celebrities and the wealthy for billions of dollars. He also makes a lot of money from his TV reality program and various endorsements on the show.

One of the richest TV personalities, Tarek has accumulated a sizable fortune via his many business ventures and investments. During the 2008 financial crisis, the couple learned that successful house flipping was a viable alternative to selling real estate.

Flip or Flop co-hosts Tarek El Moussa and his ex-wife Christina Haack. For his second HGTV show, Tarek El Moussa is mentoring aspiring house flippers in Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa.

Tarek El Moussa is a well-known real estate agent and his status as a television personality. An agreement for several million dollars has been struck in his name. Who knows how he spends his money? When it comes to taxes, how much does he pay? Let’s find out how much money TV shows bring in each year.

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What is Tarek El Moussa’s Net Worth?

Net Worth: $15 Million
Profession: TV Personality, Investor
Age: 42 Years Old
Country: United States
Born: August 21, 1981
Salary: $1 Million

Factors to Consider

  • Tarek began his real estate profession at the age of 21.
  • When it comes to flips, El Moussa gets help from his mother, with whom he has a close bond.
  • During the 2008 housing crisis, he appeared in two hit television shows, sold his Costa Mesa home for $2.7 million, and now owns a boat.
  • Flip or Flop fanatic and nurse practitioner saved his life.
  • ‘Flip or Flop’ may have saved the life and financial well-being of El Moussa.
  • The coronavirus thwarted their home building plans.
  • He had never lost money on any of his flipping except when he lost a $3300 loss.
  • A reality TV personality and real estate agent named Heather Rae Young is dating him.
  • His new house flipping partner, Heather, maybe just that.

Amount Paid: Tarek El Moussa

In the early seasons of the HGTV show, Christina and Tarek made $10,000 for every episode. This amounted to about $130,000 throughout the season. Their per-episode remuneration had risen to $40,000 by season three, bringing their annual salary to $600,000.

Tarek El Moussa star

As a child: Tarek El Moussa

His first memories are growing up in Long Beach, where Tarek El Moussa was born on August 21, 1981. This man comes from both Arab and European stock. He’s half-Arab, half-Iranian. His father was raised a Catholic in Lebanon and Egypt in the Middle East. When my father was in his late teens, he moved to Europe, and his mother was born in Belgium.

Tarek was born in the United States and held dual citizenship with the United States and the United Kingdom. In reality, Dominique is the youngest of the two siblings. In addition to his mother, father, and stepfather all living nearby, Tarek’s family also includes his stepfather, who regularly lends a helping hand with his children.

He received his high school graduation from Sunny Hills High School. Tarek rose to fame as a real estate agent after earning his license at 21.

In the workplace

Tarek is an Orange County, California, real estate agent and flipper. When he buys properties at auction, he often remodels them before reselling them. He received his real estate license at 21 and immediately began home flipping. When he started a company flipping houses, he met Christina Haack, his future wife. The designs were handled by Christina, while Tarek dealt with the restorations. Up until 2008, the economy was expanding. When the crash happened, Tarek and Christina had to move from a $6,000-a-month home to a $700-a-month studio apartment.

This Orange County, California-based real estate firm had the nation’s highest foreclosure rate during the property market crash. Investing in their first property cost Tarek, Christina, and Pete De Best $115,000 total in the Santa Ana area. After selling the property for $34,000, the trio split the profit and continued to flip houses, expanding their business into Arizona and Nevada.

Tarek and Christina’s real estate holdings grew in value along with the general status of the economy. On the spur of the moment, Tarek enlisted the help of a friend to film him and Christina flipping a house in 2011 as an audition tape. The video and Christina’s Instagram account pleased Pie Town Productions and HGTV producers.

A deal was struck between Christina and Tarek in 2012, and their show, Flip or Flop, aired in 2013 on HGTV. After bidding on a property, they repair and rebuild it to make it desirable, and then they flip it for profit. The show illustrates this standard procedure. Renovations are in Tarek’s hands; design and project management are in Christina’s. A total of 92 episodes were produced by Christina and Tarek between 2013 and 2017. The duo became a household name.

Tarek El Moussa wife

Tarek El Moussa’s new show, Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa, has been announced for HGTV’s 2020 lineup. In 2021, HGTV planned to air the 10th season of the show, following a successful 10-season run. Real estate novices learn from Tarek on the show as he teaches them how to do a reputable flip. After investing in several businesses and properties throughout his career, Tarek El Moussa’s net worth stands at more than $15 million.

Intimate Contexts

Tarek El Moussa and Christina Haack tied the knot in 2009. In their employment at a real estate firm, they became acquainted and eventually formed their own company. Their first child, Taylor Reese El Moussa, was born in 2010. Brayden El Moussa, their second child, was born in 2015.

The Flip or Flop talent fees and the income and expert charges from property flipping are not the only sources of money for El Moussa and Haack.

In 2016, Tarek and Christina called it quits. Cops were called to Tarek’s house after he left the house and was suicidal following the argument. Tarek said that he had never been suicidal and had just brought a gun on his journey to protect himself from wild animals. It was announced in 2017 that they were ending their relationship. They divorced in 2018. Following their divorce, the future of their show and their jointly owned real estate brokerage, The El Moussa Group, were doubtful. Following their divorce and subsequent co-parenting, they managed to film Flip or Flop’s ninth season just a few months later. When Tarek and Partners were founded in its stead, the El Moussa Group was abolished.

Christina married Ant Anstead, an English television personality, in 2018. After being married in Newport Beach, California, they bought a $4.1 million home two streets away. The couple’s first child is Hudson Anstead.

Since this year, he’s been seeing Heather Rae Young, a Los Angeles real estate agent featured on Netflix’s Selling Sunset. Real estate is Heather’s side business, not her full-time career; she is the most distracted of Selling Sunset’s real estate brokers. The EMG modeling agency employs Heather as a model. She has nearly 600,000 followers on Instagram. She was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for October of that year.

She looks like Tarek since she was born and raised in Southern California. She began working as a professional model when she was just 18 years old. As a real estate agent, she deals with celebrities, athletes, and other high-profile clients. Animal welfare is a cause close to Heather’s heart.

Tarek El Moussa

During the second season of Selling Sunset, Heather can’t stop gushing about Tarek, their connection, and her affection for him and his children, including that he and his daughter Taylor are her best friends. She has a strong desire to keep in shape and eat healthfully. Brandy, Sebastian, and Baxter love to play in the sand with her.

This is a significant increase in Tarek El Moussa’s wealth in the previous three to four years: 40%.

The Automobiles

Recently, Tarek El Moussa spent USD 790,000 on an AMG GT Mercedes-Benz. The $150,000 Jaguar i- Pace Tarek El Moussa owns is also owned by El Moussa. His other rides include a BMW X9, Ferrari Portofino, and an Audi Q2.


Due to issues with the house, Tarek and Heather decided to postpone the sale of the house they bought after their divorce to move into their new home in Newport Beach with Heather in 2020. It took them at least a year to find another place to live because Tarek’s old house had already been listed for sale. Additionally, Heather has a home in West Hollywood, which is closer to her Sunset Strip office.

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