Lil Xan Net Worth: By 2022, How Much Money will he have Amassed?

With a net worth of $3 million, Lil Xan is one of the wealthiest Americans in the music industry. His music video for “Betrayed,” which he put on YouTube and SoundCloud, was the catalyst for his rise to popularity. For those who don’t know, the stage name for Xanax is Xan.

What is Lil Xan Net Worth?

Net Worth: $3 Million
Profession: Rapper, Singer
Age: 26 Years Old
Country: United States
Born: September 6, 1996
Salary: $500 Thousand

As a child: Lil Xan

Redlands, California-born Nicholas Diego Leanos was the son of Mexican immigrants. The majority of his childhood was spent in hotels, and he graduated from Redlands East Valley High School. But he did fail his freshman year and had to leave the university. A long period of unemployment preceded his eventual entry-level employment as both a street sweeper and a drug dealer.

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After taking Xanax for the first time in 2014, he became addicted to the medication. He was addicted to rap for a long time before getting into the business and had to kick the habit. Lil Xan established a photography business after his camera was stolen, and he began rapping as well to help his rap friends. He was addicted to Xanax for two years and was also a major user of opiates; he now speaks out against drugs and distributes anti-drug pamphlets, and he earned his moniker from the substance.

Career of Lil Xan

Lil Xan’s “Betrayed” video, which reached at No. 64 on the Billboard Hot 100, was the catalyst for his breakthrough in 2017. Music-sharing websites like Soundcloud and YouTube were important in building his fan base. For his new record label, which includes collaborations with Diplo and Swae Lee, see: Total Xanarchy, he spoke to XXL. Xanarchy’s whole tour was sold out in less than five hours later that year. Changing his stage name to Diego, as reported by Billboard, was a consideration in 2018, but he has since shown confidence in his decision.

Total Xanarchy was released in 2018 and received a lukewarm reception from critics, however it sold a lot of records. His debut mixtape, Heartbreak Soldiers, was released in 2018. Be Safe was the last thing he said to Mac Miller before he died, and he verified that he had a new record in the works, but it was never made public. This album was supposed to be Lil Xan’s second in 2019, however it never came out. Sorry I Didn’t Quit, his upcoming album, will be published in 2020.

Lil Xan net worth

Using Social Media and Getting Paid for Ads

His YouTube account, as well as song sales on several streaming music platforms, earn Lil Xan a full-time income. With over 2.63 million followers, he is one of the most popular users on the network.

The channel has a large number of popular music videos. On YouTube, he gets paid based on how many people watch his videos. The rapper has an Instagram account in addition to his YouTube channel. Lil Xan has more than 4.9 million Instagram fans. Known for his elegance and love of high-end autos, he is a household name.

He’s been approached by companies because of his internet fame to be an ambassador for their products. As a result, he makes money on the site by promoting various items and services. In addition to Fashion Nova and LVXWA by Dura Dev, he has worked with Maceoo Lifestyle and Maceoo Lifestyle. Xanarchy is the name of the rapper’s clothing line, which he also promotes on social media. There are a variety of items available, including tees, tops, hoodies, caps, and leggings, all of which are available for purchase.

One of Xan’s early hip-hop influences is Cage The Elephant, Arctic Monkeys, Queens of the Stone Age and Pharrell Williams. Xan has also listed Mac Miller and Drake as musical inspirations. While Xan’s music started out sounding like “typical trap,” it soon evolved into “a murkier, dream-like atmosphere.” Xan was described as a “sad rap” musician by The New Yorker.

Intimate Contexts

Lil Xan’s ex-girlfriend is singer and actress Noah Cyrus. They collaborated on the song “Live or Die” in 2018; nevertheless, the pair separated up later in the year, accusing one another of being unfaithful. Lil Xan first blamed their label, Columbia, for their breakup in an Open Late interview with Peter Rosenberg, but he subsequently admitted that he was the driving force for the split. He also mentioned that he has a deep and abiding love for the Cyrus family.

As recently as 2019, Lil Xan claimed that he and Annie Smith were expecting a kid, however Smith later revealed through Instragram that she had miscarried.

When asked about his suspicions regarding Smith’s pregnancy in an interview with No Jumper, Lil Xan eventually confessed that he was right. Many of the rapper’s fans noticed that the couple’s ultrasound resembled one that can be seen on Google. Lil Xan eventually broke up with the pair, claiming that it was a poisonous one. He began dating Gabby Parsons, a popular YouTuber, in late 2019.

Lil Xan

Addiction to Drugs

It took Xananax addict Xan 2 years to overcome his addiction to Xanax and other opioids and benzodiazepines. Xan is currently speaking out against the use of Xanax and urging people to stop using it altogether. In 2018, Leanos was sent to the hospital with gastrointestinal troubles after “eating too many Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.” According to a CNN story, Frito-Lay states that Flamin’ Hot Cheetos meet all food safety regulations.

Nominations and Honorary Mentions

His efforts and accomplishments are still unofficially unrecognised. MTV Music Award Nominee 2018 was, nevertheless, nominated for MTV Video Music Award Nominee 2018 as well.


The rapper purchased a house in Redlands, California, where he grew up in 2018. At the time, he was in rehab for drug and alcohol abuse. He was led out of the institution by a caregiver for a brief period of time to sign the requisite housing paperwork.

Upon his discharge, it was reported that he would remain in his new home until he had fully healed. In addition, he has property in Coroner, a town in Orange County, California.

The Automobiles

One of Lil Xan’s most well-known characteristics is his love of fast vehicles. While on his favourite rides, he takes a lot of pictures of himself. Although he has been spotted driving an orange Lamborghini and a white Lamborghini Huracán, it is not known how many vehicles he has.

Lil Xan’s net worth is estimated to be at $3 million as of 2022. He’s a rising star in the world of rap, having debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 with a song he posted on SoundCloud.

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