Ray McElrathbey Net Worth

Ray McElrathbey Net Worth 2022 – Age, Height And Everything Else You Need to Know!

Ramon Ray, or Ramon Ray In 2007, a tale about a young guy named Ray McElrathbey went viral, making him an overnight sensation in the United States. Even before the world learned of his story, he was widely recognised and celebrated. After nearly 13 years, the Disney Movie Safety tells his story on the big screen. During his time at Clemson, Ray McElrathbey excelled as a defensive back.

When he was offered a spot at Clemson University in 2005, he turned it down in order to pursue his lifelong ambition of playing the sport he loved so much, starting that year. Ray wore a redshirt that year, hoping that he wouldn’t see much action and could focus on building his body in preparation for what was to come, but no red shirt could prepare him for what he was about to face in the next year or two.

His 11-year-old brother Fahmarr, Ray’s younger sibling, unexpectedly became Ray’s local guardian when Ray was barely 19. To prevent him from being placed in a foster home, he kept his brother stashed away in his room.

Age, Birthday, Siblings, and Parents of Ray McElrathbey

Ray Ray was born in Chicago, Illinois, on September 26, 1986. When Tonya McElrathbey and Raheem Muhammad Mcelrathbey first met, they were both addicted to drugs and gambling. In addition to Ray’s brothers and sisters, he has five further siblings. Fahmarr McElrathbey, his younger brother, was born in 1995, and he had a profound effect on his own life.

In 2005, Ray enrolled at Clemson University in South Carolina. Fahmarr lived in Las Vegas in 2006 with his mother. Their mother, on the other hand, was returning to Atlanta to begin treatment. Fahmarr went to see Ray Ray because their father was unable to be found and requested if he may remain with him. For his own safety, Ray let his brother to live with him in his college dorm.

He wanted to help his 16-year-old brother at the moment, but he understood it would be difficult to take care of two siblings. Fahmarr’s legal guardian, on the other hand, was Ray when he was just 19 years old. An flat outside of school was home to Ray and his brother. People learned of his brother’s plight, and many volunteered to assist. For receiving aid from others, he was suspended by the NCAA.

He was able to establish up a trust fund for Ray Ray’s younger brother, Fahmarr, with aid from the community and the Clemson football team after NCAA allowed him to take some community assistance.

Ray McElrathbey Net Worth

Career / NFL of Ray McElrathbey

Ray Ray began playing on special teams and as a safety beginning in 2005. Season opener versus Florida Atlantic was on September 3, 2006. A torn anterior cruciate ligament ended his Clemson career prematurely. Ray graduated from college in 2008 and went on to earn a master’s degree in communications from Howard University in Washington, D.C. Ray Ray never played in the NFL, but he was scouted by Clemson as a safety.

As a senior at Mars Hill Collegiate outside of Asheville, North Carolina, he played his final college football game in 2010. He subsequently relocated to Los Angeles, where he began a career in the public sector. To help a homeless outreach programme, Ray volunteered to undertake phone banking and door-to-door campaigning.

He was also a nightclub security guard. Ray went on to open his own personal training firm later in life. At the moment, Ray is instructing basketball at Shreiner Academy Atlanta and working for a non-profit firm. He owns and operates a trucking company, and he and his brother, as well as their drug-free mother, established the Ray’s Safety Net Foundation to help others in need.

After his tale went viral, he was named Person of the Week on ABC News. The Oprah Winfrey Show invited him and his younger brother to appear as guests.

Risk Management for a Disney Film by Ray McElrath

A Disney film called Safety was inspired on Ray Ray and Fahmarr’s real-life experience. On December 11, 2020, the film was released. Clemson Memorial Stadium will host a football game in September 2019.

As a consultant, Ray was a constant presence on the set of the film. McElrathbey himself appeared as a football player named Raheem in the movie.

Marriage & Children!

Ray McElrathbey’s private life is a mystery! The fact that Ray McElrathbey is married is well-known.

Ray McElrathbey and Brittany Cieara McElrathbey have been married for a number of years. Ray Mcelrathbey’s wife is just 27 years old in 2020, therefore nothing is known about her.

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Brittany, Ray’s wife, was born in 1993 and is 7 years younger than her husband of seven years. Ramon, Quick, and Tristan are the three beautiful children of the marriage.

When Ray was a kid, he didn’t have many of the things he takes for granted now. It was a huge benefit to him when he became a parent that he had received as a child from being his brother’s guardian and father.

Ray McElrathbey – Net Worth

Ray Throughout his undergraduate career, Ray demonstrated that he was an excellent football player and was even awarded a scholarship. It’s true that he never worked for a government agency after college and never played professional sports as a result. He now runs a trucking firm, a gym, and a non-profit organisation.

As a consultant and guest star, he offered Disney the rights to make a film about him. As Oprah Winfrey’s guest, he has been on several television shows. Despite his difficult upbringing, he now has the security and contentment he so well deserves. Ray McElrathbey’s net worth for 2021 is estimated at $30 million, which includes the movie’s copyright and his own labour.

The Social Media Presence of Ray Ray McElrathbey!

With more than 11.7k followers, Ray Ray is active on Instagram. Forgiveness: He has published a rare family photo of him with his father, mother, and entire family, where he claimed that he has forgiven his father. He has also posted photographs of his gorgeous children.

As of this writing, he has 312 followers on Twitter as @McELrathBey. To promote his film Safety, he has tweeted.

Quick Facts and Info

Full Name/Real Name Ramon Ray Ray McElrathbey
Date of Birth/Birthday September 26, 1986
Age 34
Born Country USA
Nationality American
Hometown Chicago, Illinois, USA
Ethnicity African American
Birth Sign Libra
Parents Tonya McElrathbey and Raheem Muhammad Mcelrathbey
Siblings 6 siblings including 2 sisters
Profession Footballer, public service worker, and owner of his own business
Education(college/university) Clemson University and  Howard University in Washington, D.C.
Qualification Bachelor’s Degree in Communication
Marital status Married
Wife Brittany Cieara Mcelrathbey
Children 3 Ramon, Quick, and Tristan
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
Net Worth 30 million dollars
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Height 5ft 11 inches
Weight 89kg

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