Fred Savage: A look at his Net Worth and How he Spends his Money.

American actor and filmmaker Fred Savage is worth an estimated $30 million, according to Forbes. ‘The Wonder Years’ from 1988 to 1993 is Fred’s best-known role, in which he played Kevin Arnold. Not just acting, but producing and directing have made him a multi-million-dollar star. He has directed the pilot episodes of some of the most successful comedies. There are 19 episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, 20 episodes of 2 Broke Girls (and 14 episodes of The Modern Family) to his credit.

What is Fred Savage Net Worth?

Net Worth: $30 Million
Name: Fred Savage
Profession: Actor, Director
Age: 45
Born: 9 July 1976
Country: United States
Salary: $5 Million (Annual)

The Beginning of Fred Savage Life

Frederick Aaron Savage, the son of Joanne and Lewis Savage, was born on July 9, 1976. Before moving to California, Savage’s family lived in Glencoe, Illinois. Two of his siblings are actors: a younger brother named Ben Savage and a younger sister named Kala Savage. Their father was an industrial real estate dealer and consultant. Jews from Latvia, Poland, Ukraine, and Germany immigrated to the United States to become Savage’s great-grandparents, and the family still lives in the area today. Originally, Savage was a member of the Reform Judaism movement.

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The Brentwood School in Los Angeles County, California, was Savage’s private day school. In the future, he attended Stanford University and joined the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity there, as did many others. In 1999, he received a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Texas in Austin.

Highlights of my professional life

Savage began his career as a kid actor when he was just a few years old. On television series like ‘The Twilight Zone’ and “The Crime Story,” he had cameo appearances, as well as in movies like “The Boy Who Could Fly” (1986) and “Dinosaurs! – A Fun-Filled Trip Back in Time!” (1987). “The Princess Bride,” a 1987 film, was one of his most memorable roles.

Fred Savage

His golden age began in 1988, when he starred in the iconic television series ‘The Wonder Years’ as Kevin Arnold. For the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series category, he was nominated for two Emmy Awards and two Golden Globes. When he was nominated for these honours, he was thirteen years old, making him the youngest recipient ever. He remained in ‘The Wonder Years,’ playing several characters, until the show’s cancellation in 1993.

The two-part ABC special ‘The Runaway Ralph’ (1988), which was based from a novel written by Beverly Cleary, and ‘Vice Versa’ (1988) were among the other films he featured in during his time on this show. 1989 saw him in films like “The Wizard” and “The Little Monsters,” but he returned to high school to focus on his schoolwork, eventually enrolling at Stanford University the following fall.

Several television movies, including ‘How Do you Spell God?’ and ‘No One Would Tell,’ were made after his time on the show. For two seasons, he was a regular cast member on the NBC sitcom “Working,” which ran from 1997 to 1999. Other films in which he has appeared as a cameo include: “No One Would Tell,” “The Rules of Attraction,” “Austin Powers in Goldmember,” “The Last Run,” and “Welcome to Mooseport,” all of which were released before his death in 2006. (2004). Other television appearances include Boy Meets World (1998), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999), and CSI: NY (1999). (2003).

Then he appeared in a one-season television show called ‘Crumbs’ in 2006. He played a bottled-up gay writer who returns to his family’s restaurant when he fails to make it in Hollywood because of his failure to make it in the industry. It wasn’t the only TV show he appeared in: he also starred in “The Grinder” (Fox), and “Friends from College” (Netflix). Oswald, Kim Possible, Justice League Unlimited, Holidays: The Christmas That Almost Didn’t Happen, and Family Guy are just some of the other projects that Savage has worked on (2009).

In addition to performing, Savage has directed, produced, and even hosted a number of TV projects. His show, ‘What Just Happened??! With Fred Savage?’ was hosted by him in 2019 as well as a show with Ricky Gervais, ‘Child Support.’ On one of the series he appeared in, Working, Savage made his directorial debut and helmed many episodes.

Many episodes on Nickelodeon, including “Drake & Josh, Boy Meets World, Ned’s Declassified,” and even Disney Channel shows like “That’s So Raven” and “Wizard of Waverly Place” and “Hannah Montana” have had his directorial touch since then. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, 2 Broke Girls, Modern Family, Friends with Benefits, The Crazy Ones and Phil of the Future are just few of the popular comedies he has directed and produced.

Fred Savage fired

Assets: Fred Savage

An LA Hancock Park property for $3 million is among the actor’s many residences. In 2019, he sold it for $5 million. In 2007, Savage fetched $2.25 million for his former Hollywood mansion on Sunset Boulevard. In 2003, he paid $500,000 for a two-bedroom condo in West Hollywood. Savage purchased a Bel-Air house for $9.5 million in October 2019.


‘The Wonder Years’ creator Fred Savage was recently accused of misbehaviour when it was discovered that he acted inappropriately while working on the programme. During the show’s production, a number of the actor’s coworkers spoke out against his behaviour. The nature of the alleged misdeeds remains a mystery, but they were proven to be accurate.

Actor and producer of the programme “The Wonder Years” has subsequently been terminated. Younjoo Hwang, a member of the ‘The Grinder’ wardrobe staff, also accused Savage of fostering a hostile work environment. When Hwang noticed that Savage’s aggressiveness and threats toward female set personnel were becoming more and more frequent, she called him out on it.


Fred Savage will be worth $30 million by the year 2022, based on his career in the entertainment sector. He makes most of his money from TV shows and product sponsorships. ‘Morningstar/Eveningstar’ was the first television show he ever appeared on at the age of 9. As a result of his roles on popular television series such as “The Twilight Zone,” “Crime Story,” and “The Crime Story,”