Kanye West & Jay-Z set records to win the most Grammy Awards

Kanye West & Jay-Z set records to win the most Grammy Awards

Kanye West and Jay-Z continue leading the list of rappers with the most Grammy Awards, achieving 24 each. But 2023’s 65th Annual Grammy Awards, one of the biggest nights in the music world, did not extend an invitation to Kanye West.

According to Variety, the disgraced rapper was not a nominee in any category. However, The-Dream, a songwriter who is this year’s Best Songwriter nominee, did have his name on several credits.

Additionally, the Recording Academy’s announcement of a tribute to 50 years of hip-hop music at this year’s Grammys, which would feature several A-list singers but not The Life of Pablo singer, validated the suspicions of many about the 45-year-treatment olds at award shows.

In an earlier dispute with record labels Universal and Sony over recovering his music rights, rapper Kanye West shockingly shared a video of himself peeing on a Grammy Award in 2020.

Ye displayed the Grammy trophy within the toilet bowl and boasted 24 Grammys, reaching Jay-Z’s total.

West, a once-famous musician, had his popularity plummet and several sponsorship deals fall through when the rapper repeatedly repeated antisemitic slurs and sang admiration for Hitler.

“I see Hitler’s positive traits. Every person, especially Hitler, contributed something worthwhile to the world.”

Controversy and Kanye West have historically been synonymous. The argument follows Kanye wherever he goes. Here are some recent examples of his controversial acts.

Kanye West
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Rapper Kanye West¬†Went “Missing,” His¬†Lawyers Cut Ties With Him & Tried to¬†Find Him

Rapper Kanye West was making news once more, and in a big way! A fresh allegation alleges that the rapper’s lawyers found him after numerous online reports of him going missing, only to break relations with him despite facing several lawsuits.

Los Angeles Times reports that despite West’s racist and antisemitic actions last fall, numerous businesses and business partners cut connections with him.

Still, his attorneys had to give him the legally needed notice before no longer representing him. According to Billboard, the musician, who officially changed his name to Ye in 2021, spent months evading the lawyers from Greenberg Traurig LLP who were trying to serve him.

Rapper Kanye West
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As the rapper Donda, the company considered buying an advertisement in regional Los Angeles newspapers to get the rapper performer’s attention after he had eluded the lawyers by doing things like changing his phone number, according to the legal documents cited by Billboard.

However, on January 27, lawyers could track down Kanye West (now known as Ye) and serve Ye with the notice, thanks to an unknown lawyer.

In court records, the rapper’s former counsel claimed that even though the home at which he got served was not directly linked to Ye or his businesses, Ye still frequented¬†it. Additionally, people and organizations unrelated to Ye or his businesses most utilize the location.

Kanye West was rumored to be missing
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Business Insider revealed late last year that the rapper is still embroiled in several other legal battles and owes millions to former partners in crime and record companies.

In addition to contract conflicts where many say the musician failed to pay them for their labour, his legal troubles also include copyright infringement accusations resulting from music sampling for his 2022 album, Donda 2.

The Sun stated that one of them was an ex-business manager suing the creator of Yeezy for USD 4.5 million, claiming he wasn’t compensated for 18 months of work as a financial advisor.

Also having trouble finding Ye, the former manager attempted to serve him with the complaint. The rapper Ye’s evasive demeanour contributed to unfounded allegations that he had vanished.

Rapper Ye
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Most of Kaye West’s business partners, including his closest friends, abandoned him last year as he continued to make hateful statements to Jews, denied the Holocaust, and supported Hitler. He was expelled from the service in December for breaking Twitter’s policies on inciting violence.

Ye reportedly married  Bianca Censori, an Australian architect who works at Yeezy, last month. The couple has not submitted the certificate that would have made their union legal.

Ye and Kim Kardashian divorced officially two months prior. The couple still shares parenting duties for their four young kids.

Songwriter, rapper, and producer Kanye West is renowned for his blunt demeanour and highly successful music career. He has released several albums that have received high appreciation from reviewers and have sold well, and for his efforts, he has earned 24 Grammy Awards. In addition to his fashion business and his forays into other facets of the entertainment industry, West is well known.

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