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Jennifer Gray Before and After- Her Plastic Surgery Hurt her Career.

Jennifer Gray Before and After: American actress Jennifer Grey has opened up about the impact that her nose surgery has had on her career.

In an interview with People Magazine, while promoting her upcoming memoir, Out of the Corner, the 62-year-old actress revealed how, after having two rhinoplasty surgeries post finding global fame in 1987, her face looked unrecognizable, which ultimately led her to lose her “identity and her career overnight.”

She recalled attending a premiere shortly after she underwent her nose job – and revealed that her friend Michael Douglas didn’t recognize her since she looked so different.

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Jeniffer’s Physical Appearance

Jennifer Grey added that she had always been anti-rhinoplasty, even though both her parents had gone under the knife.

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People spoke with the 62-year-old actress about how her nose surgery affected her entire career. She also admitted to having two rhinoplasty surgeries after achieving fame and notoriety in 1987.

Jennifer Grey was 26 when she shot to fame shortly after the success of her 1987 film Dirty Dancing. She had her first nose job at the time. Here is a picture of Grey before her surgery, in her natural look.


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In the same interview with People Magazine, Jennifer Grey describes how everyone, even Andy Warhol, would comment on her nose shape prior to surgery, with the artist commenting that her father, Oscar-winner Joel Grey, had also had his nose done.

According to the actress, the procedure was suggested by her mother, Jo Wilder, who thought that it would make it easier for casting directors to consider her for future roles.

Both of her parents had rhinoplasty surgery, and Jennifer Grey speculates that it was due to her mother’s desire for them not to appear Jewish in order to be cast in a variety of parts.

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Q: How old is Jennifer Gray?

A: She turned 62 this year.

Q: What is her given name, Jennifer?

A: Yes, her given name is Jennifer Gray.

Q: Is Jeniffer rich or not?

A: Her net worth is around $10 million.

Q: How does Jennifer make a living?

A: She was born in the United States and is an American actress.

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