Andre 3000 Net Worth | Is He The Richest Outkast Member!

Andre 3000 Net Worth : On May 27, 1975, Andre came into the world in the United States of America. He is the sole child of his mother, who raised him alone and worked in real estate sales. His given name is Andre Laurin Benjamin. As a child, he admired numerous individuals, which affected his musical career. Benjamin spent his childhood in Atlanta, Georgia, primarily in East Point and Bankhead neighborhoods.



Andre 3000 got his start in the music industry by being a member of the group OutKast. After some time, it climbed to the top of the Billboard Singles chart. The OutKast duo was just getting warmed up at this point. Big Boi and Andre 3000’s cooperation established them as one of rap’s most game-changing performers in the 1990s.OutKast also had hits with the 2000’s crossover album ‘Stankonia‘ and 2003’s ‘Speakerboxxx The Love Below (2003).

Andre 3000 began his career as an actor in the 2000s, during which he made guest appearances on several popular television shows. In 2006, he and Big Boi collaborated on the production of a musical film titled 1935, starring OutKast in a fictitious version of the Great Depression. Andre 3000 introduced ‘Benjamin Bixby’ in 2008 for college football apparel. He also came out with two solo albums, “Think Differently” and “Alter Ego: Mix Tape,” in the same year.

The Net Worth Of Andre 3000

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He has a net worth of $35 million. Andre 3000 is also a multi-instrumentalist. He is most likely best known for being one half of the duo Outkast with Big Boi. People think he is among the best rappers and is always on lists of the “top ten rappers” from different news outlets.

Personal Life Of Andre 3000 

Andre 3000 started a relationship with Erykah Badu. In the year 2000, the couple was no longer together, and the psychological toll of their separation was a significant factor in Andre 3000’s decision to begin performing under his stage name for the first time. The breakup of his relationship with Badu is alluded to in the song “Ms. Jackson,” which was somewhat inspired by that relationship. During their relationship, the couple had one son named Seven Sirius.

Conclusion Of Andre 3000 Net Worth

Because he was a member of Outkast, Andre 3000 has garnered the most of his fame. His discography has grossed millions of dollars around the world. Undoubtedly, his net worth will continue to grow in the next five years.


FAQ’s About Andre 3000 Net Worth

Q: In which year was Andre 3000 born?

A: In 1975, Andre’s year of birth.

Q: Do you know whether Andre 3000 is or is not a Gemini?

A: His horoscope indicates that he is a Gemini.

Q: What kind of work does Andre 3000 do?

A: He is an American actor, musician, rapper, and songwriter born and raised in the United States. He also produces television shows.

Q: Does Andre 3000 have dark brown eyes by birth?

A: He has dark brown eyes.


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