Chrisean Rock and Blueface's turmoil relationship is about to end

Chrisean Rock and Blueface’s turmoil relationship is about to end

Due to Chrisean Rock and Blueface ‘s constant antics, most people can only ever dream of having a reality TV program like theirs.

In December, Crazy In Love made its Zeus debut, further illuminating the couple’s toxic behaviors. The California-born artist has been fighting with numerous family members, specifically. Blue is under constant pressure from his girlfriend’s family, including physical altercations with her father and stern conversations with her older brother.

Christian Rock and Blueface
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It’s noteworthy to note, though, that throughout the series, Rock and her boyfriend frequently dispute over their relationship. They occasionally seem aware of their likelihood of achieving financial success together. That may be what keeps them coming back to each other. But on a recent show, the 22-year-old called their relationship a “forced-ass romance,” and many fans agreed.

The episode airing on January 8 will merely include more of the same feuding, only this time, Blueface is the one behaving foolishly. The reality starlet expresses her annoyance in one internet video clip about the “Thotiana” hitmaker going to Las Vegas without her.

Blueface & Chrisean
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Chrisean Rock and Blueface’s relationship has been the subject of much discussion. After multiple videos of their physical altercations appeared online in 2022, the pair’s celebrity grew.

In addition to the physical altercations, we have witnessed the renowned couple’s customary arguing. Their arguments were routinely shown on Instagram Live even before they had a reality TV show.

Their acts of domestic abuse were dismissed as caustic behavior while they continued their relationship. With the release of their Zeus reality series, fans are getting an inside peek at the relationship, and according to Rock, she will soon be married.

Blueface, meantime, has not commented on his girlfriend’s forecast. Not everyone thinks their turbulent relationship has been healthy, which has been played out for a large worldwide audience.¬†

Her reaction came after Blueface blocked Chrisean Rock

“I responded, All right, I’m going to Baltimore.” Christian Rock tells her buddy as the cameras start rolling in the car, “You can have fun in Vegas. Bro banned me, but now we’re messaging on Instagram,” she continued.

But in another scene, she appears to have changed her tune as she prepares to go out with her “rich p*ssy” without Blue.

A man was recently knocked out during a fight that Blueface was part of in Baltimore. Come back later to get additional updates on the latest news in pop culture after reading everything about it here.

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