Chet Hanks

Chet Hanks Net Worth: How Much Money does He have to his Name?


American Actor/ musician has a net worth of $3 Million as of 2022.


Chet Hanks was born on August 4.1990.His real name is Chester Marlon Hanks. He is a Bulgarian-American actor and musician. Hanks had a troublesome teenage. He was sent to a wilderness therapy program by his parents called Second Nature during his high school.

He then attended the Oakley School in Utah which was a therapeutic boarding school as well. Then onwards Hanks studied theatre from Northwestern University where he was the member of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity.

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As an actor and musician he had a life full of entertainment. In 2007 Hanks did a film Bratz in which he played Dexter. It was supposedly his first film and his career picked up with a number of small film roles that he did in the early 2010’s.

He then did American version of Shameless. His character name was Charlie. From 2018-19 he played rapper Blake on a hip-hop drama Empire. Later in 2020 he had a cameo in a film starring his father World War ||.

Hanks in his music career was invested since he was a student at Northwestern University. He recorded White and Purple under the alias Chet Haze. It was reportedly the remix for song Wiz Khalifa’s single Black and Yellow.

Hanks and Drew Arthur formed a musical duo FTRZ In 2016.Then later on released two singles Models and Nowhere land and more in the year 2018.In 2020 two more tracks were released named Hrley and Ticket Out My Head.

Chet Hanks


Chet Hanks is the first child born to father Tom Hanks and mother Rita Wilson who is also an actress. Hanks has a daughter named Micaiah with former partner Tiffany Miles. Chet has both American and Greek citizenship.

Hanks has been a part of many controversies. Like the summer of 2020 Black Lives matter movement. That October he announced a social media hiatus where he claimed his family was targeted.

Hanks often described himself as the black sheep of his family. In 2015 British Police was after Hanks for damaging a hotel room. Later that year he was made to join rehab for cocaine addiction.

Hanks also reportedly had a physical and verbal abusive relationship with a former girlfriend Kiana Parker. She had filed a case against him and the judge had to pass a temporary protective order against him in the year 2021.

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