Cory Chase

Cory Chase Net Worth: A look into Her Life and Work, as well as a Few Facts.


Adult Film Actress, Cory Chase is an adult film actress professionally with the net worth of approximately $5 million.


Cory Chase’s real name is Audrey Leon. She was born on September 26,1979 in New Jersey, America. Cory did her schooling from The School of New Jersey and is a High School Graduate. She was a good learner and student at school. In her early life she began taking care of her neighbour’s pets as a source of income. But due to the fact that the wage was pretty low and was not sufficient she started to explore more options.

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Cory chase was very keen on acting and modelling since childhood. When she was only 18 she started making personal videos and content for her social media and started uploading more often. Even though she didn’t get enough view count right away she carried on. Within a year she became top model. People started following her, she became famous and so a lot of proposals of sponsorships, photoshoots, brands were being offered to her. That is how she started making huge income.

Initially she recorded videos from her personal cam with her husband until a well known agency approached and offered her a tie-up. They made her fly to L.A and introduced her as a new comer in the industry. It was in the year 2009 when she entered the industry.

Cory Chase

Throughout her career she’s given some amazing films to the industry and has been nominated for several awards.


Personal info has not been out about her family or friends. All we know is she is married since a very long time.

Her social media is hard to find but we have managed to find her official handles:




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