BTS's RM releases an MV of "Closer" for the "Decision to Leave" 

BTS’s RM releases an MV of “Closer” for the “Decision to Leave” 

BTS’s RM releases “Closer” collaborative music video with Paul Blanco and Mahalia for the “Decision to Leave.”

Before Decision to Leave, a Park Chan-wook-directed movie, the song Closer served as the background music. It is the second song video from RM’s album Indigo, after Wild Flower, Still Life with Anderson Paak.

After RM gushed about the mystery-romance movie from 2022 in an episode of The Mysterious Dictionary of Human Knowledge, the two decided to work together.

The protagonist of “Decision to Leave” is a detective who falls in love with a mysterious woman who may have murdered her husband.

According to ARMY’s tweets, the concept for the MV originated as a fan edit that RM had previously shared on his Instagram story before evolving into a complete video. A supporter commented, “Gosh, this is really fantastic. How this concept evolved from an ARMY edit to the finished RM Closer MV is how: eAeon spotted it and submitted it to Joon, who shared it on his IG story, and two months later, we had the finished MV.”

The fact that Closer is Joon’s favorite movie makes it even more special, according to another admirer, who noted how nicely it gels with the Decision to Leave video.

RM released MV of 'Closer" for the "Decision To Leave."
Source: Twitter

Others made light of the fact that RM would have created a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation to transform the ARMY cut into a polished music video. “I know Joon produced a PowerPoint presentation on why to include closer n’s choice to leave’s army edit on official YouTube,” the user said.

According to a fan’s comments, “Like it’s crazy to know how an ARMY produced an edit of Closer Choice to Leave managing to wind up being on Jeon’s tale but that to flourish into a literal cooperation MV. Wow, even ARMIES are receiving government attention. Is this thing on?”

Tang Wei and Park Hae Il’s romantic mystery movie “Decision to Leave,” which is set in 2022, is included in the music video.

In the meantime, RM recently appeared on Weverse Live and declared that he had “moved on from Indigo,” which gave fans great hope that he was working on his new album.

As for the other BTS members, V is performing in a variety program, Jungkook is ostensibly taking a sabbatical, and Suga will be on a world tour in May and June. J-Hope recently launched his documentary “J-Hope in the box,” which is currently available on Disney Plus Hotstar. Jimin’s record gets scheduled to be released in March.

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