Blue Lock Chapter 168

Blue Lock Chapter 168 – Highest Bidding By Isagi At Auctions!

Blue Lock Chapter 168 News: When Isagi’s testing period begins at the Blue Lock Facilities in Blue Lock Chapter 168, The player has shown his value in the previous chapter. In the blink of an eye, he was able to get the ball from Grim. Then there’s the fact that he took a risk by handing the ball to Kunigami while facing Kaiser, who was clearly ahead of him. After this victory, he will be held to account by the whole senior class. A complete list of chapter leaks may be found here.

As we type this, more and more information about the upcoming chapter’s plot is emerging. Ego will address the whole senior class once he has explained why he gave the ball to Kunigami rather than Kaiser. This time, what does he have in store for the winners? We’ll find out.

Blue Lock Chapter 168 – What Will Happen Now?

Blue Lock Chapter 168

It will be called “The Full Picture” in the following chapter. The chapter will begin with Kunigami questioning Isagi about why he gave the ball to him, according to the narrative information. Isagi will tell you that he was more concerned about winning than his own personal numbers. To congratulate him, Bachira will be here. Bachira will learn that he opted to deliver the ball to Kunigami because he had no intention of becoming a pawn for Kaiser and therefore decided to hand it over. This will not be well received by Ness, on the other hand.

As if on cue, Ego arrives on television to congratulate the teams on a job well done. A thorough examination of the results of the teams will lead him to conclude that all matches in the Neo-Egoist league are under the constant surveillance of the soccer club. Ego announced a Blue Lock Auction with Isagi’s starting bid of 17,000,000 yen at the end of the chapter.

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Blue Lock’s 167th chapter began at the end of the match. According to Bachira, the ball had been snagged immediately in front of goal. Benedict Grim had the ball at this point. Isagi realised that he wasn’t aiming to outdo Kaiser. Instead, he was attempting to go around Ness. Ness was blocking his path. He was able to get the ball thanks to this correct understanding. Likewise, Noel was taken aback by his own performance in the game.

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At this point, it dawned on him: He couldn’t even see the goal, much less score it. Consequently, he concluded that winning was more essential than his personal streak, even at the chance of losing it. Kunigami was there, and he handed the ball to him. The tale came to a close with a victory for the Germans over FC Barcha.

Blue Lock Chapter 168 – Release Date

For Isagi, this is only the beginning of a long road ahead of him. Blue Lock Chapter 168, which will be released this week, will continue this trip. On March 30, 2022, the chapter will be available. The entire manga may be found on the Kodansha website. As a result, keep an eye on The Anime Daily for additional developments.

The third and last section was the most difficult. From the outset, it was clear that significant alterations were afoot. Lupin III Part 3’s anime, on the other hand, didn’t follow much of the manga. In this case, the manga has already been out for a long time. The source material isn’t critical to Lupin The Third Part 7 returning.

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