Bernard Cribbins will be honored at the upcoming TV Awards, BAFTA confirmed

Bernard Cribbins will be honored at the upcoming TV Awards, BAFTA confirmed

The absence of the late actor Bernard Cribbins from the In Memoriam part of the BAFTA presentation on Sunday left many “furious.”

The adored actor, who for generations of British provided the voice and face of childhood TV and film before experiencing a professional comeback with Doctor Who, passed away in July 2022 at 93.

Bernard Cribbins will be honored in our next BAFTA Television Awards ceremony broadcast in May, BAFTA said in response to the outcry.

Following the Academy’s hours-long Twitter response to a furious fan: “With specified duration in our broadcast, it isn’t feasible to honor all people who have regrettably passed away,”

The information on Bernard can get found online at And he will take into consideration for participation in the upcoming television awards program considering his significant TV work.

But the explanation was complicated for some fans to accept: “Let me add my voice to the multitude of people furious with @bafta for not putting Bernard Cribbins in their list of performers who have passed away recently. It isn’t very respectful to suggest that he might be given a mention at the TV awards.

Bernard Cribbins will be honored in our next BAFTA Television Awards ceremony broadcast in May
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“You interviewed Geri Halliwell,” the second person added. Don’t tell me Bernard Cribbins’ needed more time.

The Film Awards host Richard E. Grant liked a tweet that called the snub “appalling” and that BAFTA should be “outraged in themselves slaves,” which led to BAFTA’s reaction to MailOnline.

Following the passing of his wife, Joan Washington, in September 2021, the actor got forced to fight back emotions as she introduced the segment commemorating people in the film business who passed away in the previous 12 months.

Later, after watching the BAFTAs on television, he liked a tweet that said, “Hello Darlings, have seen The BAFTA’s & I’m utterly shocked that the brilliant Bernard Cribbins was not named in stars that we’ve lost within the last year, they should be disgusted with themselves, words fail me.”

Another viewer remarked, “I adored Bernard Cribbins. Everyone liked him, including my children. Criminally, he got disqualified from the BAFTAs.

Actor Cribbins
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Only a few months passed after the demise of Gillian, the adored actor’s wife of 70 years.

Fans and well-known friends rushed to pay their condolences to the late icon even though no cause of death got disclosed.

Austin Butler surprised everyone by winning Best Actor at the awards ceremony on Sunday, defeating the odds-on favorite Colin Farrell.

After playing the late King Of Rock in the Baz Lurhmann film, the actor choked back emotions as he paid tribute to the Presley family and accepted the honor.

While fighting back the tears as he accepted the award, Austin thanked the whole cast and crew he worked with on the movie and said he was “just trying to soak it all in.”

Butler, who still spoke at the event in the Elvis drawl he developed for Baz Luhrmann’s film, said, “This means the world to me.”

He said he “hopes he made them proud” as he thanked the Presley family for providing details about the life of Elvis for the movie.

The biopic Tar’s lone significant evening victory went to Cate Blanchett for her portrayal as Best Leading Actress.

She gratefully acknowledged her mother and the filmmaker Todd Field as she tearfully took the award, saying that Blanchett had also mentioned that 2022 had been an “amazing year for women.”

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