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Antonia Hylton Net Worth: Biography, Age, Height, Marital Status, Wealth, and Fame of the Journalist!

NBC News correspondent Antonia Hylton is located in New York and has won several Emmys for her reporting. Vice News producer and former Vice Media journalist Tonight Antonia was nominated for an Emmy for her work on Vice News Tonight.

Time in Prison for Antonia Hylton

In 1993, when she was 29 years old, Antonia was born in the United States. All of these activities led to her well-rounded upbringing, which she was fortunate enough to participate in when she was younger.

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Parents, Siblings, and Grandparents

She was raised in the suburbs of Boston by a family that was always there for her. Her parents are both lawyers, and she has seven siblings. Also in the family is broadcast journalist and executive producer Soledad O’Brien; she is aunt to Antonia. Since 2016, Soledad O’Brien has presented Matter of Fact with Soledad O’Brien.

The syndicated talk show is produced by Hearst Television. Besides that, her aunt is the CEO of Starfish Media Group, which she founded with Soledad O’Brien for Matter of Fact in 2013. For the time being, we don’t know the identity of Antonia’s parents and six siblings, but we’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

High school education in the Antonia Hylton area

Antonia had her heart set on attending Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School. With a bachelor’s degree in history and science from Harvard, she received the Magna Cum Laude medal in 2015.

Reporter for CBS News

A journalist for NBC News in the New York City metropolitan area, Antonia has been working there since March of 2020. Before to NBC News, she worked with Vice Media from August 2016 until March 2020. Anthony hosted Vice News Tonight on HBO while working for Vice Media as a reporter and assistant producer.

The Vice News Tonight on HBO hired her as a reporter and producer in October 2017. When Antonia was in the nation, she wrote about civil rights and politics. She wrote on gang violence and immigration, among other topics.

At, Antonia began her journalism career immediately after graduating college. From June through August of this year, she worked as an assistant story producer at Mic. She was promoted to associate producer and correspondent in April 2016.

When Antonia and activist Darnell Moore were both working at Mic, they launched a documentary series about grassroots organising in the United States.

Antonia is a multi-award-winning journalist who was named one of Forbes Magazine’s “30 Under 30” for 2020 and won a 2019 Emmy for her work on Vice News Tonight.


She stands at a respectable 5’9″ in spite of her little frame (approx. 1.75 m).

Antonia Hylton’s husband and companion.

Antonia Hylton

She has won an Emmy Award for her work at NBC News. In the meanwhile, there is no proof that she is in a relationship and she has not publicly declared who she is dating. As a result, we’ll keep an eye on Antonia’s status and let you know if and when we have new information.

When it comes to earnings and wealth, The name of Antonia Hylton

A well-known NBC News correspondent, she makes a career by writing and reporting for the news organisation Antonia’s annual salary is normally $124,650. Throughout the years, she has worked tirelessly to accumulate a fortune of $986,543.

What is Antonia Hylton’s name?

Antonia is an NBC News journalist stationed in New York City. She is of African-American origin and was born in the United States. Two Front Page Awards and two Grammy Awards are among Antonia’s many honours as an award-winning news anchor and journalist.

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