Zachary Levi Shares Heated Content Before Shazam 2's release

Zachary Levi Shares Heated Content Before Shazam 2’s release

Zachary Levi, a DCU actor, has recently drawn criticism and controversy for his social media posts. 

Days after the release of the second full trailer for Shazam 2 and as Warner Bros. stepped up promotion for the DC sequel, the actor took to social media.

Even though the actor’s posts have nothing to do with the DC Universe or his impending movie, the subject, his remark, and what it might imply about this position are undoubtedly contentious.

Zachary Levi commented that Twitter is interpreting as an anti-vaccine position, which could be problematic for Warner Bros. Discovery, given that he has a big movie to sell.

Shazam Star, Zachary Levi Provokes Social Media Controversy

In less than two months, Shazam! It will debut in theatres. Zachary Levi’s tweets from Fury of the Gods have generated a lot of discussions online.

Levi tweeted “Hardcore Agree”  in response to businessman Lyndon Wood’s question on whether Pfizer, a significant pharmaceutical company, poses a threat to the world.

Zachary Levi's controversial tweet
Source: Twitter

Many people online questioned whether Levi’s response was anti-vax because  BioNTech, Pfizer, and Fosun Pharmaceutical were working on the COVID-19 vaccine at the same time.

The Shazam actor then replied to his initial tweet by retweeting one from the Justice Department of the U.S. on a Pfizer healthcare fraud deal, writing:

“Just one instance of what I’m talking about….”

Only a little additional context is provided after that and immediately. The person was attacked on Twitter by users who described him as a right-winger spewing anti-vax sentiments.

Additionally, this led some viewers to search for earlier Zach videos they found objectionable, such as a recent Joe Rogan interview in which the two discussed Elliot Page and Jordan Peterson.

Zachary Levi posted on Instagram that his father had recently passed away from cancer hours after the actor’s initial social media statement.

Although Pfizer has an oncology division, neither the actor’s previous social media activity nor any reference to the pharmaceutical behemoth was made in this post.

Will the Shazam Star Be Able to Correct the Record?

Shazam star Zachary Levi
Source: Twitter

Zachary Levi has yet to indicate whether he opposes vaccinations.

It’s a possibility, but it’s also conceivable that he’s had a problem with the business for other factors, some of which may or may not be personal.

Even though Levi’s Shazam is a member of the DC Universe, other MCU celebrities have generated social media problems because of their views on vaccinations.

Evangeline Lilly of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania released several images and remarks in January 2022 regarding “bodily sovereignty” concerning the vaccine.

Additionally, speculations of Letitia Wright’s anti-vax position trailed the actress throughout the filming of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever in late 2020 after she canceled her Twitter account the day after sharing a contentious video.

It’s still determining how Zachary Levi will respond to this blaze, but the timing gives his story another twist.

James Gunn and Peter Safran of DC Studios have yet to say if Shazam will remain in Levi’s universe after resetting the DCU.

As the movie gets scheduled to hit theatres in March, Shazam 2 is also in the middle of its marketing campaign.

 Shazam 2
Source: Twitter

As advertising continues, viewers may be more likely to recall Levi and the issue than the actual movie, which might harm the sequel’s box office results.

Additionally, it might reduce the actor’s chances of remaining with the DC franchise.

In the days to come, it will be interesting to watch whether the actor or Warner Bros. responds, and if not, how these most recent events affect how Fury of the Gods is viewed.

How this might impact the water tower team’s operations remains to be seen. Warner Bros. Discovery had a much bigger scandal with Ezra Miller, which they recovered from rather nicely. Instead of canceling, their film gets rescheduled to release this year.

What James Gunn and Peter Safran intend to do with “Shazam!” determines everything. Now that they are in charge of DC, they have argued a lot lately.

On March 17, Shazam!  Fury of the Gods will come in theatres.

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