Yugo Asuma, a NIJISANJI member, has graduated from the VTuber

Yugo Asuma, a NIJISANJI member, has graduated from the VTuber

Yugo Asuma, a member of NIJISANJI Noctyx, has graduated from the VTuber firm as of December 14. Before the startling revelation, the English celebrity had not streamed for weeks. He was dipping in and out of sabbatical.

One of Noctyx’s breakout stars, Yugo Asuma and Luxiem, helped establish NIJISANJI in the English VTuber community. Noctyx is an all-male group.

The group’s DJ, however, has abruptly announced his impending graduation on December 14. Numerous talks on what it means to be a Liver associated with a company have been held, according to a statement released by NIJISANJI.

It follows Yugo Asuma’s declaration that they would take a week’s vacation on November 28 but failed to show up for three weeks. The ANYCOLOR announcement is the first word on the star since December began.

Source: Twitter

Yugo got emotional and twitted On December 1, for the last time just before graduation:Hello my lovely Yuguys! I really wanna tell you that you are all awesome. Your Existence means a lot. I’m sorry that I am not good enough to satisfy all of you, but your existence means a lot. I love you and I hope you are sharing love to everyone.

Source: Twitter

The company officially stated, “Up Until today, numerous discussions have been held with Yugo Asuma on what it means to be a Liver affiliated with a company. However, despite our discussions, many aspects of his activities and behavior as a Liver could not be accepted as a company, and after much deliberation between both parties, as a company who supports many Livers from NIJISANJI and NIJSIANJI EN, we have decided to have Yugo Asuma graduate.”

The Noctyx member’s social media profiles and videos are being immediately deleted, and no graduation broadcast will be for him.

Reactions from Noctyx after the surprising graduation of Yugo

Fulgur Ovid, one of Yugo Asuma’s genmates, has commented on his unexpected graduation.

Ovid twitted,” We are going to do our best to weather this storm as we always have. In the meantime please give us patience to compose our thoughts and allow everyone to grieve and deal with the news however they need to.

Thank you to everyone who supports us. We wouldn’t be here without you.

Uki Violeta also gave a shocking reaction. He wrote,” We’re currently still processing and digesting everything right now, so please give us time.

Our hearts are hurting, and we know yours are too.

We love you and we appreciate you all, and we thank you for being patient with us.”

Alban Knox responded, We know everyone has a lot of questions, but we’re also still trying to take things in as well…If it’s possible, please give us little more time.

Thank you all for being patient with us.”

Sonny Brisko expressed his anger against Noctyx and wrote, “Noctyx has been left with a scar that will never heal. This is a very difficult time for us and our supporters, and we would appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you for your love.”

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