Yoona & Leejunho portray Hoteliers in a new drama King The Land

Yoona & Leejunho portray Hoteliers in a new drama King The Land

Yoona, a south Korean singer from Girl’s Generation & Leejunho, from 2 PM, will portray the roles of Hoteliers in “King The Land,” the upcoming drama on Netflix.

Gu Won (plays by Lee Junho), a chaebol heir, is the subject of the drama “King the Land,” He detests forced grins. He meets Cheon Sa Rang (played by YoonA), a woman who constantly has a bright smile on her face despite not wanting to because of the nature of her job. 

The two set out to discover beautiful occasions when they can smile brightly together. A VVIP business lounge, a hotelier’s paradise, is referred to in the song “King the Land.”

 The successor of King Group Gu Won, played by Lee Junho, is graceful, charismatic, intellectual, and devoid of any memory of his mother. He goes back to the King Hotel to retrieve his lost memories of his mother. There, he meets Cheon Sa Rang, an employee who is ultimately the opposite of him and constantly at odds with her.

Yoona & Leejunho
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YoonA will play Cheon Sa Rang, the “Smile Queen” of the King Hotel. She rose from the lobby’s front desk to King the Land, the paradise of hoteliers, with her gorgeous smile and impeccable customer service. Cheon Sa Rang wants to run a hotel that makes people happy, but when Gu Won, the successor to the King Hotel, shows up, conflict develops.

There is already a lot of excitement about the meeting of these two celebrities and their acting makeovers. By wishing viewers throughout the world a happy new year, the two continue to heighten the atmosphere.

The two are seated side by side in the just-made public photograph holding scribbled New Year’s wishes. “2023, the year when the black rabbit,” wrote Lee Junho. I wish you a successful start to the new year and everything you want and desire. Please shower King the Land with affection and love.”

YoonA wrote to the audience, “ Together with ‘King the Land’ in 2023. I even added a sweet smiling face at the end, asking that you always stay healthy and happy.

“King the Land” has started production to air on JTBC in the first half of 2023.

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